5 thoughts on “The cat’s cat is delicious and delicious, but why is it running away from home?”

  1. Cats prefer a free life. They want to catch insects and birds outside, and then communicate with their companions. They don’t like to be locked up at home by the owner. Even if the shovel officer is delicious and delicious, the cat will run away from home, which cannot be changed.
    It some pets are more puzzled. I bought a kitten from the pet shop. At the beginning, I was very gentle and interacted with themselves. Love people. When the window or home is not closed, the cat will run out of the cat, and the owner needs to find everywhere. If you are lucky, the shoveling officer may find the kitten in the corridor or under the building, and then take the kitten home. If the cat runs out for too long, it may make the cat run far and will not go home anymore. This is also a kind of running away from home. This will make the shovel officer very sad, but there is no way to change, because the kitten is really longing for freedom, especially some lively kittens. The owner can let the kitten be free, and then adopt a cat who has a docile personality and depends more on human beings. You can also go to the stray base to adopt a stray kitten, because the kitten has wandered and has eaten a lot of hardships, so I like to stay with humans very much.
    Although the kitten has been raised for a long time, some things are still engraved in the bones, and there is no way to change with the passage of time. Some kittens are newly cultivated varieties, and their temperament is not very stable, and it is likely that some accidents are likely to occur. If the owner wants the cat to stay at home all the time, you should buy more toys or raising two cats for the cat, so that the cat can have a partner, not so lonely and lonely, and naturally don’t want to escape. Although the kitten does not speak, it also understands a lot of things. The owner must understand the body language of the kitten as much as possible so that you can give the cat you want.
    The cats are not as worry -free as raising. Although dogs need to walk, they will not run away from home, but cats will be.

  2. I think everyone has heard a word, freedom is more valuable than security. The cat is from nature, and its roots are also in nature. A generation of cats returned. Nature adapts to the survival of the wild, then it will run away and will not return again. In fact, sometimes we are the same. We don’t need to be delicious and delicious. Sometimes we need freedom. This is not difficult to understand. Although some cats are delicious and delicious, they still run away.
    In addition to the above reasons, some cats also escape when they are seeking puppets. Old people on our side often say that this is the case. Men do not think of home, and women’s peach blossoms do not return home. In fact, there is a certain sense. When a male cat meets his partner, it is very likely that the male cat will go away with his partner, or take the female cat to survive the world. If it is a female cat, then when you encounter the right object, you may also follow the male cat to live in the wild, or live with the male cat, and naturally will not go back.
    of course, it is not ruled out that some cats run out and do n’t know how to come back. If you get lost, you will give people a illusion that run away from home. Cats are not like dogs. They have a strong enthusiasm for deer, and they can even find where they are in accordance with the smell. Naturally, some cats run out. Once they go far, they will not remember. Already existed. When we raise cats, we must pay attention not to let the cat run too far. It is best to raise it at home. Don’t put it out. It is likely that we can’t go back.
    of course, it may be because of some threats and frightening, so the cat ran away without returning. Once the firecrackers are set up in the countryside, the cat will run far, and sometimes it does not come back for a few days. If the cat encounters some dogs driving in the area of ​​the event, it may cause the cat to not return. After all, face some. Threat, I am afraid that I ran away unexpectedly.

  3. It may be that cats are in estrus, maybe the owner does not give the cat food, or it may often scold the cat, or it may be the cat’s territory occupied by others.

  4. It may be that there are new members in the family, or there is a problem with the environment of living, or it may be sick, so I choose to run away from home.

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