What kind of medicine to take for cat mouth to eat, what kind of medicine can you take for recovery?

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  1. Cats are always drooling, which may suffer from chronic oralitis. Treatment needs to remove the causes such as foreign bodies, dental stones, and bad teeth, and thoroughly clean the teeth; the carditis and blisters are cleaned with 0 1%potassium permanganate solution, and the composite vitamin B and vitamin C are injected at the same time; 50,000 The unit's weight per kilogram. Causes of oral inflammation 1. There are multiple causes: mechanical damage, such as bone spurs, fishbone damage, burns.
    2. Corrosion of chemicals.
    3. Nutritional deficiency, such as vitamin B lack.
    4. Bacterial virus infection, such as shuttle spiral body, white calamus, cat nasal virus virus, cup -like virus.
    5. Autoimmune disease.
    6. Tooth disease and dental stones can cause cost diseases.

    The symptoms: 1. Due to the different types and degrees of inflammation, the clinical manifestations of diseases are different. Most cats show appetite loss or completely disappearing.
    2. When cats are eating, there are often a lot of saliva, and some shake their heads and whispered when eating.
    3. Oral examination, mucosal congestion and redness, epithelium fall off or ulcers, and have an unpleasant corruption smell.
    4. The secretions that are sticky, brown, and odor than heavy mouth cavity, increase their desires, and refuse oral examination. Poor. Sudden appetite or abolition, want to enhance, splashing and drooling. Oral mucosa is congested, ulcerated or purulent, bad breath, difficulty in chewing, and pain.

    Treatment: 1. Remove the cause such as foreign objects, dental stones, and bad teeth, and thoroughly clean your teeth.
    2. Card -to -oral oral and blister oralitis are cleaned with 0.1%permanganate solution solution, while injecting composite vitamin B and vitamin C.
    . Ulcerative oralitis can be used to corrode the surface of the ulcer with a nitrate silver rod or 5%silver solution, and then apply compound iodine glycerin.
    . Antibiotic therapy, 50,000 units of penicillin per kilogram of body weight, dexamethasone injection 0.5 mg per kilogram of weight, mixed with muscle injection, 2 times a day for 3 to 5 days.
    5. Cats with severe condition can be combined with general infusion therapy.

    The care: 1. Eat less meals: Give too much food at one time, which will cause burden on the cat's stomach. Eat less meals and make the food finely, so that you can eat fresher foods, and at the same time, it is easy to swallow and help improve appetite.
    2. Vitamin B can reduce edema and enhance appetite. Maintain the normal metabolism of the body, help wound healing, increase immunity, resist infectious diseases, and maintain bone marrow and bone health.
    3. Eat fruits, vegetables, cooked meat, animal internal organs, goat milk powder, milk cake, fish soup and other foods supplement vitamins, such as apple puree, fish liver, etc.
    . If you want to feed dry food, it is recommended to add water to the dry grain to be soft, easy to swallow, or hydrating.

    This prevention: 1. Stylem and dental calculus may affect the occurrence of oralitis. Therefore, the daily care of the oral and teeth has a positive effect on the prevention of the target. Tooth or oral cleaner.
    2. Select low -sensitivity prescriptions or choose food based on the results of allergens. In addition, it is recommended to choose low -sensitivity utensils such as porcelain bowls and metal bowls to avoid using plastic bowls.

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