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  1. Taking the production of rockery fish ponds as an example, we are divided into 6 steps: 1. Model production, 2. Select stone 3. Washing fish pond 4. Waterproof powder 5. Make a rockery 6. Install the circulating system. Just follow the operation methods we introduce, step by step, serious practice, small indoor rockery fish ponds, you can easily get it yourself.

    . Model production
    The rockery model production can be made in a rockery in a foam. Usually, large rockery needs to make rockery models. You can draw a rockery sketch by yourself by making a rockery. Because it is making a rockery by yourself, as long as you can understand it yourself, do not make a professional rockery model.
    . The commonly used stone materials for the selection of stones now are: Lingba stone, turtle -grained stone, Taihu stone, and thousand layers of stone. We list some selection principles: 1. Thousand layers of stone: The origin of the origin is Lingyu, and many friends will choose thousands of stones. Because of the nearest principle, we will choose the nearest stone, choose the stone that is closest to you, and the stone material closest to you. Because of convenient transportation and preferential price. As shown below

    2, the size of the choice of stone should be different. This is more design. Large stone is placed below and small pieces of stone are placed on it. 3. In the case of the nearest principle, choose stone materials according to the type of balcony fake mountain fish ponds, generally make rockery flowing water, stones, water absorption stones, and make rockery fountains.

    . The fish ponds are usually made of ordinary red brick. After the fish pond is built, it is approved by cement mortar. After the cement mortar is not dry, the outer layer is added with cobblestone before it is dry. It is very simple

    . After brushing the water -proof powder, the fish pond can be watered for one day, and the leak -proof construction can be performed. Waterproof glue can be bought at the hardware store. Waterproof materials used for concrete are usually waterproof powder and water -resistant. After the pond matrix is ​​built, the leak -proof method is to use waterproof mortar wiper noodles. The surface of the surface should be divided into two times. Light.

    . The production of rockery is made according to the first step, combined with tree, stone, mountain, grass and other materials, and arranged in the fish pond space. In fact, it is bonding. You can refer to the shape of the online picture. If you have confidence in your own styling ability, you can slowly bond it yourself. 1. Adjust the cement slurry: Pay attention to the consistency of the slurry when adjusting the cement slurry. In order to increase the solidification time, the leakage material can be added in an appropriate amount in the cement; for the stone body on the stone body, the stone body is required, and the cloud stones can be fixed. After the colloid is dry, the colloid is covered with cement slurry to coordinate the tone. 2. Stone processing: The majority of stone materials are naturally unprocessed, so you must see, connect, and bonded the stone according to the landscape requirements. The sawnut intercept with a cutting machine or a steel saw. Methods. 3, bonded mountains: the glue of the mountain can be used with cement or chemical agent. The bonding strength of the cement is high, the cost is small, and it is convenient to use. The effect of chemicals such as resin adhesives is also very good, but the cost is high. So generally use cement.

    The last step will be a little more difficult. The water return method of the spraying pond and the small waterfall is basically self -circulating. It is to use a pump to absorb water from the pool, and to give the water to the source of the waterfall. The waterfall water fell into the pool, and it was repeated. When the water in the pond becomes less, you can open the water supplement valve and add new tap water.
    Okay, this is the case that belongs to your private landscape.

  2. The British Stone is flattened by its own aesthetic stone. It is used as a beautiful garden design running rockery. The Yuchi rockery is made of stacking the dry landscape rockery. It is made of soil and stone. Stone stone is mainly based on viewing. Combining some functions in some functions, it is necessary to express the individual or local combination of the rocks, instead of complete mountains.

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