1 thought on “What are the top ten brands of household water purifiers?”

  1. As practitioners in the water purification industry, let me give you a fair and conscience answer!

    The first place Angill, who knows a little bit about the water water knows.
    The second place: Qinyuan, Qinyuan, after the introduction of investment, has developed rapidly in recent years, and the second place is well -known!
    Third place: Quanlai. For 24 years, the boss is a very special pattern and visionary. Focusing on products and brands, the company's main mineral straight drink machine is more preferred in the industry! It is also true.
    Fourth place: Bishui source, listed company, strength can definitely
    Fifth place: Rongshida, veteran brand, has developed very fast in recent years!
    Sixth place: Beauty, not professional water, but great reputation, sixth place, not losing.
    Seventh place: Xiaomi, small and rice, foundry, affordable price, product is okay, everyone understands.
    If: The purification performance of Haier water purifier Haier water purifier is generally good, and its functions are also moving towards high -end intelligent roads.
    Ninth place: Biyunquan water purifier, the star after Lai, the ability to seize the water purifier market is very strong, it is worthy of attention.
    Tenth place: Lisheng water purifier, the lift water purifier is mainly processed by ultrafiltration membrane, which is one of the manufacturers with large domestic membranes.
    It hope to help you, hope to adopt it!

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