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  1. The 10 major majors suitable for boys
    01 IT/Internet majors
    What everyone knows that the Internet industry is full of popularity! This industry has architects, big data, Internet of Things, cloud computing and other positions, in Internet companies In recruitment positions, the recruitment demand for technical posts is the largest, 22.52%, accounting for a quarter of all positions. From the perspective of salary level, technical positions are higher than other positions regardless of salary and increase. Many related positions can also apply for college students
    related majors: software technology, big data technology and applications, cloud computing technology and applications, computer application technology, computer network technology, computer information management, computer system and maintenance, mobile applications, mobile applications Development, embedded technology and applications
    02 Financial majors
    Te financial industry refers to a special industry that operates financial commodities. It includes the banking industry, insurance industry, trust industry, securities industry and rental industry. The financial industry is a traditional industry. At the same time, it is also a development industry in my country. The top ten industries with the highest monthly salary in 2018 show that the starting salary of the financial industry is only after the Internet company, and it is secondary. If you are a rational person, studying economy and finance, and entering the financial industry in the future, it is a relatively stable choice.
    related majors: securities and futures, financial management, rural finance, Internet finance, insurance, and logistics finance management
    03 communication majors
    communication industry, is the passing between people or people and nature. Some kinds of information exchanges and transmission industries performed in some behaviors or media, such as the postal communication industry. As the new generation of communication networks gradually come, "4G changes life, 5G changes society" is no longer a future slogan, but a solid "present". Among the 13 new occupations of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the General Administration of Market Supervision, and the Statistics Bureau to the society in early April, there were many positions related to the information and communication industry. In other words, when 4G is mature today, 5G comes, some corresponding social positions have emerged.
    The professional majors: communication technology, mobile communication technology, communication system operation management, rail communication and information technology, urban rail transit communication signal technology, IoT engineering technology, optical communication technology, communication engineering design and supervision, communication system Running management
    04 manufacturing major
    manufacturing industry refers to the mechanical industry era for manufacturing resources (materials, energy, equipment, tools, funds, technology, information and manpower, etc.). Converted into a large tool, industrial product and living consumer products that can be used and used for people. At present, the Chinese government proposes the "Made in China 2025" plan to promote independent creation materials, chips, new energy, processing technology, high -tech products, etc., and replace imports in large areas. It is expected to be in 2025, middle and high -end materials, equipment chips, intelligent manufacturing, etc., etc. The comprehensive localization rate must reach more than 70%. The manufacturing industry directly reflects the productivity of a country, and is an important factor that distinguishes developing countries and developed countries. rn相关专业:rn机械制造与自动化、机械设计与制造、模具设计与制造、飞行器制造设计、汽车制造与装配技术、航空发动机制造技术、新能源汽车技术、智能控制技术、 CNC technology, industrial robot, aviation material precision molding technology, railway locomotive manufacturing and maintenance, ship engineering technology, drone application technology, new energy vehicle technology n05 real estate/construction major n The angle is an industry that will never be eliminated, because the update and construction of houses, and with the improvement of the quality of life, people's requirements for supporting facilities have promoted the continuation and development of the construction industry. With the promotion of my country's "Belt and Road" national strategy, the infrastructure construction of related coastal countries has also been rapidly promoted.
    The majors: water conservancy and hydropower construction engineering, construction engineering technology, construction electrical engineering technology, construction design, engineering cost, construction intelligent engineering technology, construction engineering supervision, construction intelligent engineering technology, building material engineering technology, building decoration Engineering technology, real estate operations and management, property management, municipal engineering technology, water supply drain engineering technology, construction equipment engineering technology, construction steel structure engineering technology, etc.
    06 education major
    Regardless of whether the second child is coming or the improvement of the quality education of children, a large number of people need a large number of people. Everyone knows that the children's group and the education market can be divided. The Chinese children's group has hundreds of millions of bases. In the second child era, the explosive growth of the new population means that the field of learning has ushered in huge development opportunities.

    The majors:

    Clanged education, preschool education, primary education, Chinese education, mathematics education, music education, English education, physics education, chemical education, biological education, historical history, historical history Education, sports education, scientific education, art education, social sports, leisure sports, e -sports and management
    07 Energy chemical majors
    Energy chemical industry is a pillar industry that affects national people's livelihood. The foundation and guarantee of life. With the increasingly fierce competition in the energy chemical industry, informatization has driven the modernization of the industry, promoting the revolution of enterprises from management to technology, and achieving industrial optimization and upgrading of the energy chemical industry has become an important means for the energy chemical industry to respond to international challenges. The development of the industry has driven market demand, increasing employment positions, and expansion of talent demand.
    The majors: Power plant and power technology, power supply technology, application chemical technology, polymer material engineering technology, fine chemical technology, petrochemical technology, wind power engineering technology, chemical and biotechnology, process analysis technology, etc. R n08 Logistics/warehousing major
    The SF Express was listed at that time, and the founder Wang Wei's value was directly to nearly 150 billion yuan, which not only became the richest man in China's express delivery industry, but also surpassed the rich people such as Li Yanhong and Xu Jiayin. The prosperity of e -commerce represented by online shopping has increased the demand for logistics transportation. At present, the medium -distance logistics transportation between the urban areas of China is more out of the van logistics vehicle. How big this field contains this area contains how big it contains Market demand.
    The majors:

    L logistics management, express operation management, postal communication management, aviation logistics, logistics engineering technology, logistics information technology, cold chain logistics technology and management
    09 transportation/transportation Categories
    The years in the 70 years since the founding of New China, my country's infrastructure has been accelerated, providing a solid guarantee for the sustainable economic and social development. The report pointed out that my country's transportation development has achieved outstanding achievements. At the end of 2018, my country's railway business mileage reached 131,000 kilometers, an increase of 5 times from the end of 1949. Among them, the high -speed railway reached 29,000 kilometers, accounting for more than 60%of the world's high -speed rail; 8.38 million kilometers, an increase of 734 times over the end of 1950. The work needs of related positions are increasing!
    related majors: railway locomotive, railway engineering technology, high -speed railway engineering technology, road maintenance and management, transportation operation and management, navigation technology, road maintenance and management, civil aviation transportation, air flights in the air, air flights in air flight
    10 car industry majors
    According to statistics from the Ministry of Public Security, 31.72 million newly registered motor vehicles in 2018, with 327 million motor vehicles, including 240 million cars, and small passenger cars for the first time for the first time It exceeded 200 million; drivers of motor vehicles exceeded 400 million, reaching 409 million, of which 369 million were car drivers. The market is large and the future employment space is broad.

    related majors: new energy vehicle technology, automotive modification technology, automotive electronic technology, automotive detection and maintenance technology, automobile manufacturing and assembly technology, automotive marketing and services, etc.

  2. The professional
    of liberal arts students is mainly concentrated in eight disciplines including philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, management, management, and art. There are about 230 professional recruitment students.
    The philosophical category and bags include philosophy, logic, religion, and ethics. Philosophy generally believes that it is a pure literature major, but there are also individual colleges to recruit science students.
    If economics includes four major categories: economics, finance, financial science, economic and trade, 17 majors. There are many majors in Chinese science, such as finance, finance, international economy and trade, and economics.
    The legal category includes six major categories, including law, political science, sociology, and ethnic science, with a total of 32 majors. Law science has been popular in recent years, and among them, there are many majors in law, sociology, and public security.
    The education includes two major majors: education and sports. There are also some majors that have both arts and sciences.
    The literature is a large number of liberal arts enrollment, including Chinese language literature, foreign language literature, and journalism and communication. There are 76 majors. The familiar Chinese language and literature, small language, news, radio and television, advertising, communication and other majors belong to this category. History includes a major category, 6 majors including history, archeology, and cultural relics protection technology.
    Is 9 major categories such as industrial and commercial management, public management, and tourism management under management categories, 46 majors. At the same time, it is also a major enrollment of liberal arts and sciences. The majors of both arts and sciences include: accounting, business management, marketing, financial management, public management, human resource management, etc.
    Themology, including art, design, drama, and film and television, a total of 33 majors. Most majors in art are found in the artistic professional catalog. However, there are also some colleges' art majors in general batch enrollment, such as drama, film and television literature, radio and television director, animation, etc.
    The professional distribution analysis of science (class) major
    The range of options for science students is much larger. Among the 12 disciplines of the current undergraduate of higher education in my country, the four categories of science, work, agriculture, and medicine are basically the world of science students. In the liberal arts majors, in addition to literature and history, most majors can also be recruited in literature and sciences. There are 506 majors in the "New Professional Catalog" promulgated by the Ministry of Education. Among them, there are 276 majors in four gates of science, work, agriculture, and medicine, accounting for more than half of the total majors. 1. The four large -scale sciences that are concentrated in science students are basically pure science majors, including 12 major categories including mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, geography, and atmospheric sciences. 36 majors Essence
    The majors in engineering have 31 large categories and 169 majors. They are the most majors in all disciplines, and they are also big enrollment households for science students. Electronic information, automation, computers, civil engineering, materials, energy power, energy power, aerospace and other high -tech, strong professionalism, and good employment majors belong to this category.
    7 major categories including plant production, animal medicine, forestry, and aquatic products under the agricultural category category, 27 majors. The agricultural majors are basically enrolled in science students. Only a few majors such as gardens and gardening are available. Individual colleges will have liberal arts programs.
    In the past two years, under the influence of the national environment, agriculture has a tendency to recover, and many agricultural majors have also become a hot spot for everyone.
    The medicine contains 11 major categories and 44 majors. Many majors in medical categories have always been fiercely competitive and high in scores. Professional majors such as clinical medicine, dental medicine, pharmacy, anesthesia, etc. are the popularity of candidates to apply.

    2. In addition to the four major disciplines of the economics management of the subjects favored by the students, many majors in economics and management are favored by science students. Many majors that only recruit science students or both liberal arts and science are the focus of science students. Such as financial science, economics, financial engineering, investment, insurance, etc.; Information management and information systems, engineering management, agricultural economic management, land resource management, logistics engineering, etc. in management science. Many schools in law, sociology, and public security classes will put some plans to recruit science students. In addition, some majors such as education and sports will also be enrolled in science.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the single -recruitment majors that are currently working well include communication engineering, architectural design, nursing major, journalism, preschool education, new media majors, and civil aviation management.nQuestion care what includesnAnswer which province you arenQuestion HebeinCan I not learn oral medicine? Is there any recommended schoolnAnswer care is a major. What do you want to ask?nWhat do you ask what to do?nAnswer dental medicine single recruitment schools in the province of Zhangjiakou Medical CollegenCangzhou Medical CollegenTangshan Vocational and Technical CollegenWhat can I do if I can do my care?nAnswer Xingtai Medical CollegenNursing is a nurse, which is different from dental medicine.nThe school I just listed has dental medicine.nNursing employment direction: all levels of hospitals, pharmaceutical colleges, rehabilitation institutions, health administrative departments, clinical care, prevention of health care, nursing management, nursing teaching and nursing scientific research.nMore 13nBleak

  4. What majors do you have in 2018, you can see the enrollment plan of the compiled vocational colleges. Single recruitment registration needs to be registered for the college entrance examination in 2018. With the college entrance examination registration number, you can participate in the registration ~~

  5. What majors are good for boys. What are the most suitable for boys?
    This chef is a good choice. The career prospect of the chef is pretty good. Now many industries are difficult to find jobs, but the chefs are rushing to ask, and many places lack excellent chefs. The chef is a career to eat with technology. As long as you have good craftsmanship, your technology is home, you will have a good job waiting for you wherever you go. The chef's development potential is now huge.
    "people take food as the sky" everyone has to eat, so chefs can be said to be an industry that is not easy to unemployed. Furthermore; now the chef's talent market is short, people's requirements for diet are getting higher and higher There is taste. This is the fundamental reason for chefs to move to high treatment. The rapid development of the catering industry, the talent gap will further increase
    and now as people's quality of life increases, the frequency of eating out is also increasing. The current demand in the industry is very large, and the prospects are pretty good

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