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  1. Time takes the annual wheels, and the work for a period of time has ended. After the accumulation and precipitation of the past, we have already greatly improved and changed. To this end, we must summarize it. Is it really difficult to write a work summary? The following is the summary of the engineering supervision work (5 selected) for everyone to help everyone, for your reference to reference, I hope to help friends in need.
    The project summary of engineering supervision 1 Over time, in the face of the upcoming 20xx years in the past, looking back at the past, looking forward to the future, I have the joy of gaining, and at the same time, I also have the mood of urgent expectations. I have completed the task of supervision that the company handed over to me this year. What is eager to expect is that I deeply understand the direction of working hard in the supervision work in the future, and understand how to learn, gradually improve, and continuously improve myself.
    As a college student who has just entered the society to participate in work, I deeply understand the hardships of work and the difficulty of real life. I cherish my current life and love this job. Through half a year of hard work and the work at the construction site, under the care and guidance of Director Wu Zhengrong and colleagues, in addition to doing my job, I also learned a lot of related professional knowledge. It is important to be able to put theoretical knowledge on theoretical knowledge Combined with practice.
    In this time of work and study, I found that I was so small and ignorant. I understood a lot of truths. Thank you for the company for providing me with this opportunity and development. It is very exercise for our fresh graduates, but it is not easy to be a qualified supervisor with strong professional knowledge and on -site management capabilities.
    At the end of this year, look back at the work of the past year, calm down, and summarize your work performance and gain, so as to find out the shortcomings to facilitate better work in the future. To sum up the work of the past year, sincerely hopes that the leaders will give a reminder to the improper summary, which is greatly helpful for me. With the careful care of the leaders of the company and the project supervision department and the help of my colleagues, through my own efforts, I made great progress in all aspects and can better complete my own job.
    is a summary experience, reflection of self -deficiency, and improving its own level of supervision business, becoming a member of the company's better and faster development process. The current supervision work situation is summarized as follows:
    Arrange, carefully fulfill your job
    I came to the company in Suzhou District, Jiuquan City, Jiuzhou District, Jiuzhou District, 20xx. The position of the supervisor of the reinforcement engineering supervisor of the Langjiaba and Maodonggou Reservoir in the Qingshuihe Water Pipeline of Suzhou District. At the beginning, my concept of the work of the supervisor was not too clear. However, with the progress of work, my self -study and exploration made me gradually understand the basic responsibilities of the supervisor:
    ⑴ Carry out on -site supervision work under the guidance of professional supervision engineers; The manpower, materials, main equipment and its use and operation status of the engineering project, and do a good job of inspection records;
    to review or obtain the relevant data of the engineering measurement directly from the construction site and sign the original voucher;
    ⑷ Press Design drawings and relevant standards, check and record the process or construction process of the contracting unit, and record the results of the quality inspection of processing and process construction;
    Report and report to the professional supervision engineer in a timely manner;
    ⑹ Do a good job of supervision diary, and the document records can focus on detailed, timely and complete.
    A as a supervisor, the collection and finishing work of the data carefully have a pivotal role in the project. After arriving at the project department, after the leader clarified his work responsibilities and division of labor, he immediately started to check all relevant materials, documents and technical specifications, and quickly entered the work state.
    Due to the time limit for the work of supervisors, there are many shortcomings in many aspects. In the future work, I will require myself more strictly, work hard to study business, continue to update and supplement new knowledge, improve business, improve business Level and work ability, summarize experience, and better complete relevant work.
    . Regulate your own words and deeds, improve the level of on -site engineering management
    The first arrival site, I actively approach the owners and construction units to communicate with them, carefully study relevant standards and view engineering drawings. Under the careful guidance, it is gradually familiar with the relevant regulations and requirements of some design drawings, which is conducive to carrying out supervision work at the scene.
    In the construction of the concrete of civil engineering, the key parts of the project involve multiple processes. Once negligible, it may cause engineering quality accidents. Therefore Process control, construction units are required to carry out construction operations in strict accordance with design requirements, construction plans and acceptance specifications to ensure the quality of the project. Supervision records are an indispensable link for engineering supervision. During the construction process, I made detailed records, and there were complete supervision logs and side stations every day.
    During the construction of the side station, it is clear to clarify the parts of the pouring component, the level of the level of the concrete and the mixing method of the concrete, whether the construction unit manager is in place, the construction machinery and raw material reserves, the start time and end time of the pouring, and the total time, the total time, the total time, the total time, the total time, the total of the total The design requirements of the poured concrete square, the number of production block production groups, and the actual random inspection results. During the construction of the key parts of the project, you can reach the side station in advance, check the construction preparation work, perform the entire process of supervision, and make a written record of the side station in a timely and completely authentic manner; Daily supervision and inspection work. If the problem is found, the construction unit or supervision engineer should be notified in time, and the problems will be reported to the director in a timely manner, and the construction unit shall be urged to rectify the implementation and qualify for the rectification and qualification.
    At the construction site, due to the lack of professional knowledge and work experience, although I encountered many problems, I still adhere to my post, do my best to do the job I should do, study with an open mind, gradually improve myself, continue to improve myself, continuously improve Business management level.
    . Strengthening daily learning and striving to improve business quality
    A business quality is the basic condition for supervision to perform their duties. As a young supervisor, I love my profession and is keen on the accumulation of work experience.
    I. As a just time to work in the company, I know that I am an ordinary employee who cannot be ordinary, but with the inspiration of the director, I deeply realize that no matter what kind of position is engaged, in The principles of "dedication" and "focus on details and excellence" must be achieved at work.
    Stoly studying at work, constantly summarizing experience, learning from lessons, and striving to improve your professional technical level to a new level.
    . Failure to fulfill his duties, and be a good job as a competent employee
    , as a supervisor, my understanding has no power to seek benefits and enjoy treatment. In the usual work, the work assigned by the leadership is completed; the work within its own share can also be actively treated, work hard to complete it, so as not to be offside, nor in place, and not to lose their duty.
    I always insist on asking myself as a standard of qualified supervisors and love my own job; have a good work style and hard -working spirit; the work attitude is rigorous, the ideological and morality is right; Obief the allocation of organizations and carefully complete the tasks assigned by the Supervisory Department. In the work, you can ask yourself at high standards, strictly fulfill your job responsibilities, and find that the problem will be dealt with according to the situation and report to the leaders in a timely manner. In daily life, you can respect leaders, unite colleagues, and assist colleagues in difficult colleagues to solve the problems of life and work.
    This 20 20 20, 20xx will soon pass, and it has been half a year to come to the company. Looking back at the past, I ca n’t help feeling.
    In general, the work in the past six months is still relatively smooth. I have learned a lot of knowledge in all aspects. Each employee on the project has its own strengths. In such a working environment, I feel very very very likely Happy. Everyone has the advantages I want to learn. Thanks to the company for giving me this platform, allowing me to play my strengths in my post, absorb the advantages of others, and constantly summarize and improve myself. Due to the lack of professional knowledge and work experience in various aspects, there are many shortcomings in the work. In the future work, I will study theoretical knowledge carefully from the perspective of actual work, and truly allow theoretical guidance to be reality and combine the actual situation to contribute to the company's management work.
    This Summary of Engineering Supervision 2 Looking back at the past. First of all, I would like to thank Director Wu for their care and trust, and the strong help and support of colleagues. I joined the Wuhan XX Engineering Supervision Control Co., Ltd. in June of XX, and transferred to the third resident office of the Fangshi House Construction Project in the Tongcheng section on June 2, XX.
    Tlay this year, I have always insisted on stipulating myself with the standards of a Communist Party, loved the motherland, love collective, and loved my own job; I have a good work style and hard -working spirit; Follow the national laws, regulations, and corporate rules and regulations; obey the distribution of organizations, do their duties, and conscientiously complete the various tasks assigned to the organization. In daily work, you can strictly strictly stipulate yourself. Within the scope of regulations and agreements, you can strictly perform your post responsibilities, stand on a fair position, and solve real problems independently. I can pay attention to unity and cooperation and overcome difficulties together. In life, Comrade Unity, and learn from the predecessors positively.
    It in the process of supervision and control, controlling "quality, progress, investment and safety" control, mainly emphasizes preparation control, prevents prevention, and prevent problems before it occurs. Combined with inspections controlled in the matter, inspections and acceptance of post -station control and post -event control.
    quality control: supervise and inspect the implementation of the quality assurance system and safety technical measures of the construction unit, and urge construction enterprises to improve quality, safety management procedures and management systems and supervise their effective implementation. Studying a certificate of construction personnel at all levels; check the effectiveness of the drawings, atlas, specifications, and standards used in the construction enterprises, and check the accuracy of the measurement appliances and measurement appliances used in the inspection; Regularly organize on -site quality inspection.
    S safety control: During daily inspections, the quality and safety hazard notice (notification of supervision and control engineer notice) construction units were found in daily inspections. For major hidden dangers, reporting to the director of the director of the director of the director, the director of the director of the director of the control engineer ordered the construction unit to suspend the construction and report to the construction unit and the superior authorities in a timely manner. During the construction process of pile foundation, concrete pouring, waterproof treatment, etc.
    The construction period control: Strict supervision of construction enterprises organize construction in accordance with the construction agreement stipulated in the Construction Agreement, establish progress to control accounts, check the progress of the project in a timely manner, report the progress of the project to the construction unit, and analyze the bias.
    Investment control: Carefully review the report of the month, quarterly, and annual engineering volume reports, so as not to be overwhelmed and not missed. Uncomfortable acceptance or experience receivable does not meet the regulations.
    In at work, I insist on integrity and self -discipline, fulfill their duties, and never eat, take, card, and need to set up my own position, and solve my work problems in a timely manner. Persist in posts on holidays.
    XX is about to pass. Looking back at the supervision and control work in the past year, the deepest thing is that as a supervisor control personnel, only the quality of the supervisor is correct, the business is refined, the purpose is clear, the style is rigorous, and the respect for others. Respected and recognized by others. As supervisors and control staff, only by continuously improving their professional technical level and business capabilities, improving their communication skills and environmental adaptability, can we better serve the construction of the project, promote the excellent quality of the project, and enable themselves to be better development of. In the responsible work, a variety of different pressures are also a rare challenge and test for me. Although there are many difficulties and twists and turns in the work over the past year, looking back, I have also made me understand a lot and know a lot, knowing it, and knowing. A lot of them have also learned a lot, and at the same time, I have summarized a lot of experience and lessons, laying a solid foundation for better work in the future.
    . Although I have been working hard to do every job solidly, there are still deficiencies. I am determined that in the future work, I will continue to study the construction specifications and familiarize it. In terms of quality, constantly summarize experience and lessons, often communicate with colleagues, always devote themselves to work with full enthusiasm, continuously enrich themselves, strive to become an excellent supervisory control person, do the patron saint of the project, and to be the guardian of the project, to be the patron saint of the project, to be the patron saint of the project, to be the patron saint of the engineering, to be the patron saint of the project. Wuhan XX Engineering Supervision Control Co., Ltd. establishes a good corporate image.
    The year of XX is coming, and the new year is far away. I want to meet the challenges with a new posture and enter the new year with a new work. I firmly believe that with the guidance of the company's leadership, with the strong help of my colleagues, I can better complete the tasks that my superiors handed over to me, and make their due contributions to the development of the company and take off.
    The project supervision work summary 3 Looking back in the past, looking forward to the future, there is the joy of the harvest of the year, and there are also expectations for the future. I am happy to study and understand the company's corporate culture spirit with the help of leaders and colleagues. Guided by the company's service concept, after their own unremitting efforts, I have better completed the tasks of my job and the arrangement of leadership arrangements; I hope that I deeply understand that there are still many shortcomings in the supervision work that need to be learned and improved.我将总结经验,反省自身不足,提高自我的监理业务水平,成为公司更好更快发展过程中的一员,现就本年度监理工作情景总结如下:rn   一、个人年度主要工作资料及Performance of the job responsibilities
    The first half of the 20xx year, I mainly participated in the supervision of the soft base treatment project on the Central Business District of the Weifang Binhai Development Zone. In the second half of the year, I mainly participated in the on -site supervision of the artificial beach project of the Weifang Binhai Tourism Resort.
    In this year's work, obey leadership arrangements, and carefully fulfill the duties of the job. During my work, I never relax and strengthen the study and practice of the theory and practice. , Strictly follow the supervision specifications and supervision work procedures to perform supervision duties.
    In during the construction process, the process control of each process is performed by the side station, inspection, and parallel inspection method. For the quality and safety issues existing on the scene, investigation and research find out the root cause of the problem, and require the construction party to take effective solutions to solve it, follow up the entire process to supervise the construction party's implementation of rectification, and prevent similar problems occur again.
    This materials (high soil grille, geomantic cloth, fence plate, foot block, step stone, etc.), check the relevant reporting materials submitted by the construction party in accordance with the standards and design requirements, and enter the materials to enter the materials. The appearance quality inspection is performed on the spot, and the prohibition of the appearance of the appearance quality is not used in the project.
    The on the construction of key parts of the project, reach the side site in advance, check the construction preparation, and the entire construction process of the side station, and make a written record record in time and completely in a timely and truly authentic way.
    The hidden projects to be accepted in strict accordance with the acceptance specifications of the acceptance. If the acceptance is not qualified, it can be made up to pass the end process. For the problems found during each construction process, the construction unit was notified of the construction unit's engineering project management department in a timely manner, reported to the director in a timely manner, and urged the construction unit to implement rectification and conduct a re -review inspection. Do your best to do your best to do a good job of supervision at the construction stage of the project.
    . Experience and experience at work
    During the supervision work process, after the study of the theory of supervision and the cognition of the development status of the current supervision industry, I deeply realized that I felt as a supervisor and active actively. Take the initiative to think about the interests of the construction unit, be responsible for the quality of the project, and the safety of the construction personnel. Only with high professional skills and comprehensive quality and good professional ethics can we truly do a good job of supervision, and can reflect the law -abiding, honest, fair, and fair practice standards. Understand the importance of supervision, establish a correct attitude of supervision, and use the work attitude of practical work to deal with various problems in construction in order to effectively carry out work, actively use self -professional technology and wisdom, and scientific and fair exercise. Supervision rights and obligations, cooperate with the construction unit, meet the requirements of the construction unit, and provide the owner with high -quality and efficient services.
    . The future work plans and personal career development opinions
    as a young supervisor worker, who loves self -employment, has a good work style and hard -working spirit. The reasons and treatment methods of problems in engineering supervision are keen to accumulate the planning plan for engineering issues.
    It's responsibilities of self -performance in the future work, we must strictly follow national norms and design drawings as the implementation of supervision. Constantly reflect on your own shortcomings in your work, strengthen supervision business learning, continuously improve your own quality, strive to do good supervision work, strengthen the study of management theoretical knowledge, handle practical problems with flexible processing, and conscientiously complete the various tasks assigned by the leadership. Strive to improve the professional technical level of yourself to a new level and truly become a qualified supervisor.
    . The opinions and proposals of departmental companies
    1. Proposal that the company should conduct targeted professional training on different employees, and recruit more talents with professional qualifications and can carry out work alone.
    2. It is proposed that the company organizes talents with good public relations and forms relevant departments to respond to the socialization of the supervision industry and the publicization and compounding of bidding bidding.
    . The end of the end
    The company leaders' care and support and the comfort of working conditions gave me the motivation to work hard. The enthusiastic care and cooperation between colleagues gave me a sense of comfort and practicality. The corporate cultural atmosphere gave me confidence in work. I firmly believe that myself can do better in future work and contribute to the company's development.
    The project summary 4 Over time, 20xx is about to pass. At the end of this year, looking back at the work of one year, summarizing self -work finding the deficiencies from it in order to facilitate future work. In the busy and fulfilling year, under the strong support and care of the company and engineering project department, it is positive and effort.
    I. Engineering construction quality control
    In advanced familiar drawings, understand the design intent, understand the main process and engineering characteristics of the construction process, and check all the materials, semi -finished products, etc. The quality inspection of the raw material, the material requirements for non -fit quality requirements are eliminated in the project.
    The construction of the key parts to reach the side station in advance, check the construction preparation work, and the entire construction process of the side station, timely and completely authentic written side station records; Doing daily inspections, inspections, and inspection work.
    The problems found in inspections, inspections, and inspections in each construction process should be used in a timely manner to notify the construction unit's engineering project management department, and urge the construction unit to implement rectification and conduct a re -review inspection. Do your best to do your best to control the quality of the quality and control of the project construction construction, and do your due diligence to do your job.
    . Construction safety gift control
    This during work is mainly safety prevention, timely discovery hidden dangers to timely require rectification, and do a good job of daily safety inspections and supervision and management at the construction site. On -site construction safety status is conducted in an all -round inspection, and the rectification notices are issued in a timely manner for existing problems. The construction unit is required to rectify, and the rectification is urged to conduct rectification in a timely manner.
    . The shortcomings at work
    It sometimes focusing too much on a certain aspect, not timely discovery of individual issues, not rectification and not timely in time, etc.
    After a brief summary of the work of one year, my experience is to achieve "four diligence" in quality control and safety production control in the process of engineering construction:
    . Eye diligence (to be able to advance in advance (be able to advance in advance (be able to advance in advance (be able to advance in advance Discover the problem);
    2. Leg diligence (mostly turn, patrol, and check on the scene);
    , the mouth is diligent (to discover the problem in time); Do a good job of related records and issue a written rectification notice);
    The work of 20xx will be more busy and enriched, fulfilling supervision responsibilities, active work, obeying leadership arrangements, and strive to strengthen inspections and inspections in the new year in the new year , Strengthen the control in the process, do a better and serious job, think about the project.
    The project summary 5 XX projects, officially broke the soil in 20xx X Month x Day, with the joint efforts of the participating units, after more than seven months of hard work, the last 20xx year X Month X Day day The goals of engineering construction have been completed. In the process of construction supervision, we strictly follow the supervision work procedures, strive to control the quality, progress and investment of the project, organize and coordinate the construction of China in time, urge the construction unit And the implementation of investment goals.
    . Quality control
    1. Strictly control the quality of the material
    The materials for entering the field are required to be complete, and it can be put into use after the sample material is passed by the supervision personnel. Resolutely put an end to unqualified materials into the scene. For example, before the construction of the structure, we promptly urged the construction unit to check the steel bars, cement, sand, stone and other materials in a timely manner, sending steel bars welding joints for inspection, and emphasizing special workers such as welding to hold a certificate. We announced that the construction unit did not have the results of the material inspection of the sampling of the sampling of the samples and requested the re -sampling for inspection;
    2. The awareness of intensity and quality from beginning to end, strict requirements, and resolute rectification. One month after the main project was started, we rectified the construction unit several times. Before pouring the concrete, the construction unit is required to take out the concrete pouring plan, organizational measures, personnel arrangements, and total flat layout at the construction site, and make a technical converge to ensure that the pouring concrete material is in place at a time. In order to avoid continuous pouring in the process of pouring the materials in a timely manner during the pouring process. When is the rectification in place and when can I pour the second concrete. The construction unit has undergone a week of rectification for nearly a week, and has opened multiple management meetings and team meetings, and strengthened the stirring intensity of the on -site concrete. As a result, the quality and progress of the project are guaranteed;
    In the brush and decoration installation engineering, we are also strictly required. Each process is inspected and controlled by excellent standards. Those who do not fit design and construction specifications, we firmly require the construction unit to deal with or reworked in accordance with the written forms of supervision notifications and engineering quality rectification notices. At the same time, we also encourage and support them in a timely manner. Subsequently, in terms of cooperation with supervision, the construction unit also showed high enthusiasm; in terms of quality, it also actively requested itself.
    3. Emphasize self -inspection, and insist on tracking and inspection at the same time
    We process we require the construction unit to do a good job of the "three self -inspection" work, and then report it. The construction unit shall not carry out the construction of the lane. In the early days of the project, although the construction unit was still reported, the problems were piled up, and even some common sense issues; sometimes, the process work was not completed, and the supervision and acceptance were obviously showing that they saved the self -inspection link. We refused to accept this scene.
    of course, we wait for the inspection and do not forget to track the inspection. The problems existing in the construction process in time should be pointed out in a timely manner that a large area of ​​rework can be avoided in the construction unit to accelerate the project. For example, when the bottom plate is tied, we found that it was too short to support the iron, and some were even 5cm -6cm. To this end, we asked the construction unit to replace it in a timely manner, and asked them to notify their processing plants as soon as possible to avoid continuing errors. In the process of reinforcing bars, it is often found that the construction unit strengthens the corner of the pool wall to strengthen the tendon leakage. Smooth inspection is an important part of our control of the quality of the project. Speaking of random inspections, in fact, we conducted more comprehensive inspections of more sub -projects or processes. The key point, we have conducted several reviews. For example, when poured in concrete, we can check the sand and stone sieve at any time, the slump and cooperation ratio of the concrete to ensure the quality of the concrete. We generally conduct comprehensive inspections on reinforced bars and template branches. After the beam pillar was disassembled, we conducted a re -inspection to prevent the deviation from accidental factors, and found that the vertical deviation of a pillar was 3.5cm, which was treated in time to avoid the passive situation caused by the upper structure.
    In follow -up inspections and sampling inspection, we discovered many problems in the construction in time, and timely give an idea for the construction unit to find a way to solve the problem. The unit feels that we are not only supervising them, but also helping them.
    4. Strengthening preparatory control
    In strengthen preparatory control, not only can reduce the problems of the construction process, avoid unnecessary rework, but also speed up the progress of the project. As supervisors who have worked in many water plants in the past, we are more familiar with similar buildings and structure structures. Therefore, it is easier to do a good job of pre -control of housing building supervision. We mainly start from the following three aspects: First, before the start of each part of the project, we can further penetrate the drawings again, and find that the problems that are not found during the drawing will be found to avoid the phenomenon of rework in the construction; the second is the various processes of various processes; Before the start of each sub -item project, the problem that the construction unit should pay attention to is the key to control is the dimension and the common problems that are prone to occur; the third is that the construction unit is required to make a good technical intercourse and the process. For example, during the construction stage, the parts of the construction seam and the site of the construction seam are done. For the construction of a large span beam, the construction unit reminds the construction unit to pay attention to the arch, and strengthen the vibration and maintenance work. The beam is required not to leave the construction seam.
    . Progress control
    The progress and construction period are also an important information we control. After the construction unit comes out of the overall progress plan, we require the construction to be equipped with a overall network diagram and take out the monthly plan and weekly plan on time. Weekly plans to check the implementation at a weekly regular meeting, and the monthly plan is implemented when reviewing the monthly progress of the construction unit. When the weekly plan and month plan are not completed as scheduled, the construction unit is requested to analyze the reason first, and then take out measures to catch up with the lagging progress. When the project is performed to the necessary stage, the construction unit is required to clean up the workload and reverse the plan. Supervisors also often communicate with the person in charge of the construction unit to understand the reasons for the completion of the progress, and timely make an idea for the construction unit to find a way. For example, during the construction stage, due to the large amount of steel pipes and templates and difficulty in turnover, the leaders of the construction unit reported in a timely manner and asked them to give support to ensure the progress of the project.
    . Investment control
    During the implementation of the project, the Supervision Department strictly reviewed the monthly advance payment reported by the contracting units, and paid strictly in accordance with the compliance and payment method agreed in the contract. For the design changes proposed by all parties, take it seriously, take care of it carefully, and effectively control the increase in investment. In the process of engineering final accounts, actively responded to the bidding documents, reviewed item by item, and strictly control the accuracy and quota collection and fee collection standards of the contracted unit's final accounts.
    . Coordination work
    Our main coordination work is inside the project, mainly due to the coordination between relevant units within the project. In the early stage of the project, it was mainly civil construction. In the later period, the installation work was fully launched, and there were many construction teams, and there were more coordination work with each other. On the one hand, we emphasize that each construction unit must cooperate with each other and communicate with each other; on the other hand, we have timely grasping the schedule of each unit, overall research, and overall adjustment.
    . The review opinions of the project completion materials
    In the review of the technical data, quality assurance materials, quality inspection materials and completion charts of the contracting unit. , Follow the requirements for acceptance specifications and acceptance standards.
    IX engineering construction project supervision work, all staff of this project supervision department can unite and cooperate, strict discipline, and work hard, fully realize the goals of the supervision contract and the goal of the integrity contract, and make the comprehensive business integration of the water supply rotor station in Changqing Garden Garden The construction of the construction project with the housing project, while submitting a satisfactory answer to the owner, also fully reflects the high technical and ideological quality of my supervisors. The company has won a reputation and established a good corporate image.

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