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  1. How to build a parent group?
    S setting group goals:
    Make a parent group must first set up a goal. Without the goal, there is no sense of mission. Parents do n’t know why they want to join this community, so we do n’t remember. We now have a large number of groups in WeChat, such as family members, colleagues, classmates, group buying groups, and so on. How to make our parent group stand out from these communities to operate community operations
    to make parents know what our group is doing:
    what is the sense of mission? It is a group of people who participate in one thing together and have a common direction. With the goal, we can consider how to use and develop. The principals can design the goals of the parent group according to the characteristics of their school.  Flow password 引 Precise drainage techniques  How to improve the conversion rate
    This Cultivation of parental habits:
    has a sense of goals and mission, and then it mainly cultivates the habit of users. The purpose of cultivating user habits is to trigger parents to open.
    We to be a community does not mean that we have to update the content every day. Like brushing teeth, brushing teeth is very good for our teeth, and we cannot brush more than ten times a day. Cultivate parents' habits, we can organize activities in a fixed time.教育 Early education of infants and young children 幼 infant care services and management
    , for example: "21 days of autonomous eating is a good habit sharing group". After each night, we can take pictures and upload photos of the baby to eat independently in the group to share. It can also be a good habit of reading a picture book, or a good habit of autonomous toilet ...
    In the community to increase the community The active degree of activity uses the topic "Going to the teacher's centralization":
    ️ The centralized community of the group is often facing great risks: when the group owner is absent from the discussion or the knowledge or topic thrown by the group owner, it cannot attract everyone's interest At that time, the activity and life of the group will be greatly reduced.
    ,️ Therefore, we must commit to the "decentralization of teachers" in the nursery, encourage and guide parents to produce topics to participate in the discussion, that is, to incubate a group of parent representatives (parent IP).
    For example, parents throw some good articles into the group to lead everyone to discuss, which can not only improve group activity, but also increase the reposting rate of the article.
    Cer clear trigger scene -fixed time:
    This requires us to design the scene that they expect. The simplest trigger scene is "time", which triggers parents' expectations by fixed time. In addition, you need to fix the activity.
    ️ For example, I will share articles on Monday, discuss on Turing on Wednesday, a red envelope benefit on Friday, do not think that it is a time, the activity is too random, there is no way to cultivate parents' expectations, but it will cause this group to feel at will. There may be various irrigation and advertisements in the next step, which is invincible.

  2. Dear parents, everyone!

    First of all, welcome everyone to join the big family of a certain class. In order to facilitate everyone to communicate with each other, promote the communication of home and school, and realize the real home and school co -education. Please read carefully and obey them together.

    1. This group is the parent group of the class. Teachers will issue notifications regularly or irregularly and things that require parents. Parents are requested to set the group to the top and click on the upper right corner to set up a top chat.

    2. Please change the nickname format, the baby's name the relationship between the baby, for example: Zhang San Dad or Li Si Mom

    3. Let's do not swipe the screen when you see the news.

    4. We are a team with positive energy, so we do not spread the content that is not conducive to the class atmosphere in the group. If any question, you can contact your class teacher.

    5. Please understand the teacher's delayed reply. In order to ensure the safety of teaching, the teacher does not go on WeChat and answer the phone during the class.

    6. Every day from 10 o'clock to seven o'clock every night is the rest time of this group to avoid affecting the rest of others.

    7. Do not insert various advertisements in our group, including posters, links, pictures, applets, and various group purchases, bargaining and lottery.

    8. It is also the most important one, that is, the parent group of each class, only one parent is allowed to join it!

    did I tell about it? Please follow the group rules!

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