2 thoughts on “Which factory of Xinyang Pingqiao Industrial Park is now recruited”

  1. Workers can go directly to the announcement of the Industrial Park to see if there is a recruitment notice. You can also go to the factory gatekeeper to consult. If you recruit workers, the guards generally understand.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Xinyang Electronics Factory recruits 50 general workers and Changbai Class. Comprehensive salary 4500-5500 work content: mainly produce Apple mobile phone accessories, simple and easy work, mainly engaged in assembly, testing and other tasks. Working time: 8 am to 8 pm (sometimes overtime to 9 o'clock). Rest for one day every week and rest on Sunday. Welfare benefits: 1. All shifts, ordinary workers, and no dust clothes. 2. You can choose a long white class without having to go to night shift. 3. Eat and cover, do not have to pay for dinner by yourself, and issue a rice card. 4. For free accommodation, only water and electricity costs are needed. 5. The production workshop is the purification workshop, and the whole sky is open. Employee salary benefits: 1. Formally work according to the Xinyang Labor Law, 15 yuan for hourly workers. 2. Employee performance award is 100 yuan/month, and work compensation is issued at the end of each year. 3. An employee who has done one year in the company will have an annual funding subsidy of 50 yuan per month and enjoy 5 days of salary vacation. 4. Dragon Boat Festival, Mid -Autumn Festival, all the gifts are distributed at the end of the year. 5. The company holds various birthdays, sports, talent performances, etc. every month. 6. The company purchases five insurances for employees.

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