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  1. The leading factory of the Zigong valve industry: Sichuan Zigong Valve Factory
    The Zigong Valve Factory of Sichuan Province was founded in 1962. Production bases, Sichuan High -tech Enterprises, CAD Application Demonstration Enterprises, Sichuan Famous Brand Products. The company has 325 employees, including 96 technicians; 26 million yuan in fixed assets, and more than 160 main production equipment, including 24 precision, large, and rare equipment, and the company covers an area of ​​174,000 square meters. The company has a valve research institute and valve test center, which can be used as a valve product performance test and refractory, torque, anti -static, and life test. Its valve research and development capabilities are in the leading position in China.
    The professional manufacturing "self -valve brand" series ball valve, butterfly valve, tablet valve, gate valve, cutter valve, stop valve, safety valve, power station valve and other standards, non -standard valves and special valves, more than 2,000 varieties specifications, caliber caliber, caliber caliber From 1 mm to 1600 mm, the pressure can reach 2500LB. The control forms are manual, electric, liquid, pneumatic, gas -liquid -liquid -linked emergency cutting, etc. It is one of the national focus on the development of industrial enterprises and one of the key enterprises in Sichuan Province.
    1993 took the lead in obtaining the API 6D certificate in the United States Petroleum Society in the industry; in 1994, I obtained the ISO9001 Certificate of Norwegian DNV. In October 1994, he obtained the right to export the enterprise's self -operating export. In October 2003, he was obtained by the Special Equipment Manufacturing License (Pressure Pipeline) of the People's Republic of China. It is one of the largest valve production bases in China. One of the manufacturing companies.

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