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  1. Financing is to merge the merger and circulation by borrowing, leasing, fundraising, etc., and the most important thing for financing is to find customers. So do you know how to find a customer? Help, welcome to read!

    [1] How to find customers in financing
    1. Find some more effective phone numbers through your own channels, make strange visit to phone, telephone marketing, introducing by phone, introduction by telephone introduction I do loan lending. Pay attention to polite words when visiting the phone, and do not disturb when others rest.
    2. Use mobile phones to send group information, edit the business edit of the business in advance, send them to others, and spread the net.
    3. Go to the street, go to a place with a lot of people, issue your own company's promotional sheet page. Remember to leave your own phone number. Remove the company's number. If others need it, you can contact you directly.
    4. By going to some office buildings, office buildings, residential communities and other places, we will promote the business of their own business.
    5. Cooperate with some parking lots and other places in parking lots and other places. Move the circle of friends around the surrounding friends, classmates, etc. let them refer to you.
    6. Cooperate with students from other small loan companies. For example, if a person is not enough for a person's loan in another small loan company, you can go to the company where his company is located through the introduction of the industry staff. , Just return to the introducer.
    7. Through its own self -media promotion, such as Weibo, WeChat, QQ space, QQ and other channels to promote business promotion.
    8. The customer who has been developed well will be developed in the future.
    [2] What is the meaning of financing
    In narrowing, financing is the behavior and process of fund raising of an enterprise, that is, the company's production and operation status, the status of funds, and the status of funds, and The company's future business development needs, through scientific predictions and decisions, adopt a certain way to raise funds from the company's investors and creditors from certain channels to organize the supply of funds to ensure the company's normal production needs, business management activities need Financial management.
    [3] Is financing legal
    "Depending on the situation. Legal financing companies should have the following conditions:
    1. The business license issued by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce; n 2, formal company system;
    3. Staff with qualification certification. Relevant laws in my country stipulate that in addition to financing companies, personal financing is also allowed, but private financing is prohibited.

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