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  1. Keywords: Basic conditions for the establishment of a talent market intermediary service agency: a registered capital of not less than 300,000 yuan; a full -time staff who have more than 5 colleges or more degrees or above, and obtain a talent intermediary service qualification certificate.
    Basic conditions of the establishment of a career introduction (including labor dispatch) institutions: registered funds of not less than 100,000 yuan; institutions that apply for the "Organization Career Recruitment Conference" business shall have no less than 500,000 yuan of funds; There are no less than 5 full -time staff; institutions applying for the "Organizing Career Recruitment Conference" business shall have a full -time staff of not less than 20 people.
    of course, if the company is registered as consulting, management company, etc., the threshold is greatly reduced.
    If according to the relevant provisions of the "Company Law": The minimum registered capital of one -person Co., Ltd. is 100,000 yuan, and the minimum registered capital of shareholders of the two people is only 30,000 yuan, and there is no professional requirements for practitioners.

  2. There are two main steps for registered human resources companies:
    The first step is to handle business licenses;
    The second step is to apply for a human resources permit;
    . What to do in Haikou's registered human resources company to do in Haikou to do in Haikou
    1. There is a actual registered address
    . Although the registered company is not complicated, the requirements for the registered address are gradually adding. 25 -digit house encoding (house ID card).
    2. The main type of the company
    If you are a person's capital contribution, you can register as one person Co., Ltd., here is to distinguish between wholly -owned enterprises (benefits from tax saving, but not legal person qualifications), if you want to want Registration Co., Ltd. requires at least two people because legal persons and supervisors cannot work together.
    3. Apply for U Shields, CA digital certificates, mobile commercial registration
    The registered company now has two dilemma, one is the registered address, the other is the last step of the business signature, and the signature tool is not easy to handle. The U Shield needs to be handled at each bank, but the review is very strict and cannot even be handled. The CA digital certificate needs to be processed offline. Mobile commercial registration can only be handled at the Construction Bank, or the financial agency company can help.
    . The information required by the registered human resources company
    1. Prepare 3-5 company names, such as Haikou Bole Human Resources Co., Ltd.;
    2, real registration Address, the venue area is above 50 ~ 100 square meters, according to the actual requirements of each district;
    3, the business scope must contain human resources;
    4, appropriate registration funds, it is recommended to be more convincing for 5 million or more; r; r;
    5, legal person, supervisor, shareholder's ID information, telephone, mailbox;
    6, Haikou Bank U shield.
    . Conditions for human resources permits
    1. Signed a lease certificate of 1 year or more in the name of the company,
    2, 300 square meters to provide fire acceptance certificates, from the company building above 300㎡ or more Acceptance proof;
    3, office environment photo: 3 photos of office environment, one of which must have the company's house.
    . The information required to apply for the human resource permit
    1, the original and official seal of the business license, the original legal person ID card;
    2, lease voucher/building real estate certificate;
    3, fire acceptance certificate ;
    4, the company's photos (more than three, one of which with a sign);
    5, social security number, employee list;

  3. Human resources ↑↑↑↑↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑
    Taking Shenzhen as an example, in Shenzhen, except for the Qianhai area, registered human resource service agencies in other districts, only need to handle human resource service agencies for the record. Instead of license, in general, handling Shenzhen's human resources registration and filing is easier to apply for the registration process than Shenzhen's human resources service license.
    So do you need to meet the conditions for the registration and filing of Shenzhen human resources? In general, there are so many points:
    (1) Obtaining legal person qualifications after registering according to law, that is to say, to obtain the business license of the human resource service institution first.
    (2) A standardized name, clear business scope, charter, and management system;
    (3) business places and facilities that are compatible with human resources services;
    (4) Legal representatives have no bad integrity records
    (5) Other conditions stipulated in laws and regulations
    Generally speaking, after meeting the above conditions, the application agency will be filed with the application agency Check whether the office space meets the requirements (this is also one of the difficulties for the filing of human resources service agencies, many people are stuck here), you need to understand friends who apply for Shenzhen Human Resources Company (that is, Shenzhen Human Resources Service Record), welcome to contact Essence

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