2 thoughts on “The status quo and analysis of Shenzhen agency bookkeeping?”

  1. To put it simply, what does the agent accounting industry mean? For example, the catering industry is also the service industry, with low charges, fast food restaurants; the medium charges include large stalls, high charges, hotels, etc.
    The price of the price determines the attitude of service and the quality of the service.
    The high -end hotels are specifically waiting for you and guaranteeing rich catering, but fast food restaurants can only ensure that you have simple rice and vegetables. It is impossible to spend different money and enjoy the same treatment.
    but different grades of services have the market, which is an objective fact.
    As long as it is sustainable, it is in line with national conditions.
    The above is my personal point of view.
    Baidu search ‘Shenzhen Yuanhe Shishu”

  2. Shenzhen agent bookkeeping
    1, when to apply for tax registration?
    The enterprises shall apply for national tax and local tax registration within one month from the date of obtaining business licenses.
    2. When do you apply for the application procedures for general taxpayers?
    The enterprises shall go through the application procedures for general taxpayers within one month from the date of obtaining the national tax registration certificate.
    3, when will the tax be started?
    The taxation declaration of national tax and local taxation in the month when the tax registration certificate receives the tax registration certificate.
    4, what tax preferential policies are the high -tech enterprises enjoy?
    Stocks: High -tech enterprises engaged in technical transfer, technical development business, and income from technical consulting and technical service business related to them, and exempt business taxes.
    Corruptcy tax: High -tech enterprises in the high -tech industry development zone shall levy income tax at a tax rate of 15%. With the approval of the in charge of the tax department, the newly -organized high -tech enterprise will be levied for three years from the date of opening, and the income tax is levied at the fourth to sixth year at the 6.5%tax rate.
    5, when will the industrial and commercial annual inspection?
    The enterprise should participate in the annual industrial and commercial inspection from March 1 to June 30 of the following year.

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