1 thought on “What shop is low in profit and high profit. These are very profitable.”

  1. With the development of the times, more and more people now like to make money by themselves, but many people do not know much about investment. At first, I don’t know what business to do. high? These are very profitable, let's take a look together.

    The opening costs
    1. Solding snacks: Grab the cake as an example, one hand grabbing cake, one egg, a sausage, a few lettuce; the price is about 5 yuan; the price is about 5 yuan Essence One hand grasping cakes is about 3 cents, one egg is about 3 cents, a sausage is about 5 cents, and the lettuce is about 1 hair; so the cost of the ingredients grasping cakes is 1.2 RMB, plus other seasonings, the total cost is 2 yuan, the sales are sold for the sales are, the sales are the sales are as the sales. 5 yuan, profit of 3 yuan;
    2, ordinary small sales department: The small sales department can be seen everywhere on the street, usually selling some mixed things, the price is a few dollars. But don't underestimate a few dollars, and the profit is also very high. For example, there is a freezer at the entrance sector, selling some ice cream, cold drinks, and so on. A cheap ice cream may cost 3 yuan; in fact, the purchase price is about 80 cents, and the profit can reach 2.2 yuan each;
    3, stationery toy store: Industry insiders believe that the theme toy market has unique emotional and cultural factors. To meet the purchase psychology of many people, as more toys manufacturers actively innovate the connotation and business model of toy, the market will achieve unprecedented success.

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