What work can you find in learning creatures

Suitable for girls, in addition to being a teacher

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  1. Application for civil servants or inspectors of public institutions.
    civil servants can apply for relevant departments, such as food, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishing, environmental protection, gardens, etc. Relevant institutions such as CDC (CDC), physical evidence centers, and food inspection offices, etc., competition is fierce. The work is stable and easy.

    2. Application for multinational companies or larger biotechnology foreign companies.
    It recruits graduates of famous university. The treatment is very good and can also provide a platform for personal development. It should be said that it is the best choice for biological majors. But competition is fierce, and the level of English is high, especially speaking.

    3. Application of colleges and universities and national scientific research institutions for postgraduate entrance examination.
    The work is stable, good reputation, and can give full play to technical expertise, but the number of people is small.

    This units are generally based on primers synthesis and sequencing. After going, they are mainly operating sequencers and synthetic meters. The work is cumbersome and the technology is not high. Some large -scale professional basic requirements are high. If you want to make a difference in the biological field, you can consider it. However, the work was at the beginning, and the research results were commissioned and rewarded. From the current point of view, many microorganisms, molecular biology, plants, and animal graduates have gone to these units.

    5. Application of wineries, biopharmaceutical factories, soy sauce plants, vinegar factories and other enterprise technicians.
    The treatment is relatively good, but it is more hard. In a short period of time, it can become the backbone of technology.

    6. Application of teachers from colleges and China colleges and other teaching units.
    The benefits, welfare, and social status are better. However, most of the requirements for education are high, and most of them recruit graduates of brand -name schools.
    The biological teachers in high schools and junior high schools can also be applied. But get a teacher qualification certificate.

    relative to employment abroad. If you really like biology and want to achieve something, you can also choose to study abroad.

    8. Sales and management.
    The enterprises that can enter products such as biological preparations, biological equipment and other products are also useful for sales and management. If you are right, you can break a career. If you have the ability, you can also set up your own company. r bend. Satisfaction, please adopt ~

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