5 thoughts on “What are the general recruitment methods of housekeeping services?”

  1. Generally, three forms of recruitment can be recruited through the Internet, recruitment of talent market, and acquaintance recommendation. The success rate of the two recruitment methods for the recruitment of the domestic service talent market and the recommendation of acquaintances are high and the personnel are stable.

  2. Release recruitment on the classification information network, release recruitment in the labor market, set up a stall in the village in the city

  3. The coldness of the best housekeeping industry has made Mr. Li, who has long been engaged in social welfare undertakings. Since last year, Li shows that he is determined to build a brand -government industry brand with a standardized, standardized, and modeling industry to recruit housekeeping companies To the real domestic and political industry talents, help some laid -off workers to achieve re -employment. With this belief, Mr. Li established a housekeeping company, and workers in the domestic government industry formulated work.

  4. Proposed acquaintances, there are more online recruitment! You can go to the high talent network to post recruitment information.

  5. It is important to recommend acquaintances, and it is also effective to release online. Now in the era of science and technology, find a way ~~

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