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  1. If you open the screw shop, Yu Wenlong, a fastener consultant, believes that one is to develop customers' ability, without sales, everything is zero; fastener consultant Yu Wenlong believes that the second is excellent procurement channels. The procurement channel determines your screw purchase. Cost, profit, screw quality, delivery period length; tight parts consulting consultant Yu Wenlong believes that the third requires a certain amount of funds. After all, opening the screw store must have office venues, warehouse venues, office facilities, and certain inventory; tight Yu Wenlong, a firmware consultant, believes that the four are the mastery of the knowledge and standards of fasteners. Of course, other, such as customer positioning, product positioning and the like, are also important.

    How to do a good job of screw shop, Yu Wenlong, a fastener consultant, believes that the screw shop wants to do well. First, it is necessary to locate the customer and position the product. Different objects, the same screw nut has several times the sales price. Yu Wenlong, the consultant of fastening parts, believes that the second is to do a good job of sales. As long as the boss knows how to make a profit, a large number of talents will join, and some people will have sales. The third is to save costs, save costs mainly to reduce procurement costs, reduce sales costs, and reduce production costs. The fourth is to hire fastener consultants. There must be consultants in purchasing fasteners.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, you want to open a screw shop, you want to make bigger. First, you have to ensure the screws you make. The products you enter are 1 equal -class in all the screw industries. In this way, others are willing to buy you, because you have good quality. Second, you have to increase the efforts of publicity, make more publicity, and let others know your name. For example, you can print advertisements, which can increase the publicity of your store. Third, you have to have a certain amount of fund reserves. To open this kind of store, the most important thing is that you can stock up a lot of goods, so you need huge funds to start. Fourth, the most critical point is that the relationship between people must be good with the connections of some management departments. Being these relationships is more conducive to your facade.

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