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  1. Want to enter the stock market, how to play stocks? How to start with novices? Beginners start individual stocks and can prepare one by one in advance from the following four aspects:
    1, first download the relevant securities company APP to set up securities accounts, and then go to financial institutions to open a fund supervision account, then go to financial institutions. In fact, it is the entry and exit account to connect with the securities account.
    2. After opening the securities account, the next work can transfer assets from the bank account to the securities account in the form of a silver -to -certificate certificate, and directly operate from the actual operation of the securities company app. Just choose a securities to transfer to banks. If you have money on the securities account, you can retrieve the stock that wants to buy in the market software.
    3. It is proposed that the simulation account can be directly experienced before the real -real real -real shooting stock trading, which can help more and faster understand the operation steps and transaction methods to prevent the loss caused by the error operation.
    4. Next is the basic knowledge and investment methods at the level of stocks. You can directly practice with a small amount of assets and learn. You can learn what you can learn.
    Staters' precautions to buy and sell stocks must first open stock accounts. Investors can open accounts online with securities firms. A good ID and savings card are enough. The securities company only needs to open an account company to take the ID card, savings card and mobile phone to go to the company.
    1. Look at the stock market: Know the related performance indicators such as K line, inner and outer disks, five -gear account details, etc. Among them, the closing price of the K -line chart is less than the opening price, and the K -line chart is the large yin line; It is equivalent to the opening price, and there is no long upper shadow line and long lower shadow line.
    The closing price of the K line is equivalent to the opening price, with long upper shadow lines and long -lower shadow lines, then the K -line chart is a cross star; The transaction volume is a sales price of stocks. If the trading volume of the external disk of stocks exceeds the inner disk, it also means that the buyer's energy is extremely strong. If the inner disk transaction volume exceeds the external disk futures, it indicates that the seller has a strong energy.
    2. Look at the fundamentals of stock: the fundamentals of the stock mainly depends on the net ratio, the stock price -earnings ratio of the stock, and the net assets per share. Among them, the net ratio of the city refers to the ratio between the stock price and the provident fund per share. The rate can reflect the company's ability to resist risks. The smaller the net net ratio of the general market, the higher the risk capacity, the larger the appreciation space, but the smaller it is, the better; the price -earnings ratio refers to The stock price -earnings ratio is relatively low, which means that the price of investors to buy stocks is low, and the price has the risk of bubbles that are high in bubbles.
    3. Keeping their positions: Investors should effectively control their positions when buying stocks, such as adopting the pyramid position management method and rectangular position management method.
    In the case of stock trading, the first place should be dominated by buying and selling excellent stocks. This stock fluctuation amplitude is relatively small, and the ability to resist risk is strong. How long is the long -term and large -scale, traditional industrial stocks and energy stocks of the best -term shares. Only buy high -quality stocks and do not touch junk stocks. Beginners encounter individual stocks with risk prevention such as ST,*ST, try to avoid.

  2. When you are a novice of stocks, first of all, you first find a regular securities company to handle the capital account, and then you can download the simulation stock software for simulation transactions, familiar with the transaction process, and then choose a small part of the funds to enter the market. Pay attention to the trend of the stock, be ready to close the position or sell at any time.

  3. You can go to your local stock exchange, and of course you can also open an account online. If investors want to buy stocks, participate in the stock market transaction

  4. At the beginning, you must listen to some big cows' lectures and slowly explore; you can choose to follow some big cows on some financial management apps.

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