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  1. Answer, give you the following suggestions: 1. Work with colleges and universities. Many graduates and intern are looking for a job every year. Therefore, some intermediary companies and labor dispatch companies will cooperate with the school. 2. Previous employees introduced. Generally speaking, the talents recruited by the Labor Bureau to work, the Labor Bureau will establish team management for employees. We can also let our old employees introduce to the newcomers.n3. For the choice of resources, other people certainly have no obligation to help, introduce newcomers, work for a month or two, and give them some compensation. People now have the motivation to make money. 4. Loss employees return to visit. Each company will have a high turnover rate, otherwise they will not hire anyone. This is also a convenient way. A labor agent recalls the lost employees. Even if he does not show up, he can recommend others.n5. Intermediary agencies helped recruit many companies. They went out of the company in Company A and they could also go to Company B, so they could recruit many employees. These employees entered a relatively fast, fast start and high efficiency industry. 6. Online advertising recruitment. Labor agencies will use the traditional Internet as the most common channel, which will no longer analyze it here. There will also be some job seekers who take the initiative to go to the agency to find jobs. Pay attention to advantages and disadvantages. Reasonable matching good education recruitment issues, so you can recruit talents quickly, but labor agencies should consider cooperation. If large and middle -aged students work, their hearts are still unbalanced, they always want to do white -collar management work. Can't stop difficult.nDo you have any other questions? I am very happy to continue to answer you. If the problem has been solved, you can click the "end service" to terminate the service in the upper right corner. I wish you a happy life ~nIf my answer is helpful to you, I hope to give a praise when you are convenient, thank you!n3 morenBleak

  2. Real estate intermediary is a occupation that allows you to grow
    . A career that allows you to quickly have wealth
    A career that can reflect your life value If people are disgusted, you can block, because it has nothing to do with you.
    Share the experience of rapid growth of intermediary:
    1. When you want to decide to be an intermediary, you have to prepare psychological preparation, because you are facing confusion, pressure, and even abuse;
    2, how to face it?
    1) How to solve the confusion: It is normal to have no clue to enter the intermediary industry. Your manager will tell you what to do, then you can do it, don't think that this is the prerequisite for you to recognize this industry;
    2) Pressure: The pressure comes from your pockets that are always dry. If you look at it, you will feel very unbalanced. Don't rush to treat this as your motivation, as well as your future;
    3 ) Abuse: Everyone who is an intermediary will encounter. In my experience, when you pass 100 calls, you should know that the next phone should be called and which one should not be made.
    3, the cleverness of learning, because the intermediary requires a smart mind
    The smart here is not a little clever, fun. You are not very smart, but you have to have a honest heart. Your cleverness should be reflected in the care of customers, for example: prepare a few more houses, check the route in advance, look at the situation of the house in advance, and so on.
    It, especially big customers, you need your meticulousness. He can tolerate your small shortcomings, because of their high quality, so you have to do the trust of your customers in full, detailed, and sincerity; N thin: Think of the aspects you can think of, and ask your manager if you can't think of it;
    : The preparation must be fully prepared. Customers, good -faith lie is okay. Customers are not stupid, they have their own ability to judge. A person who is doing things with intentions is the foundation for customers to choose you.
    5. After doing the above points, do you find that you still can't keep the customer?
    Yes, many people find that they are doing well, or what is the reason why it is impossible to keep the customer?
    First of all, it is impossible for customers to find you alone, so find you fate in the vast sea of ​​people. How to grasp it?
    Secondly, you really have no suitable customer housing information. This can only be depends on your team strength, so if you turn it in the team, don’t stiring into your team, without them, you have nothing;
    At the end, of course, there are many customers themselves "Diaomin". If you have the ability to mediate, you will try your best to mediate. If you find that you ca n’t hold the customers at all, then you choose your customers!
    6, what should I do if your experience is not enough?
    The advantage of the intermediary industry is that they can always reflect team experience, and have problems to find managers. I believe he can help you solve your confusion.
    Mre more learn from your predecessors, listen to, watch more, bring more, and contact customers;
    7, maintain good communication with customers, care -style services:
    1) Familiar with every customer The demand, when there is a house, introduce him as soon as possible, master the opportunity;
    2) Do not hesitate your phone bill, often call customers to ask for the situation, so that customers want to buy a house, just a moment of buying a house. Think of you;
    3) Know the customer's more contact information in order to transmit messages faster and more timely;
    4) Each customer is your God, good service, I do n’t need to say it;
    5) Of course you can become friends with your customers, and customers introduced by customers and friends are very important;
    6) care about your customers;
    7) Don't worry about losing a customer, there are always some, there are always some The customer is very tricky, then you give up him
    8, take a small example to end the experience sharing:
    The 800,000 houses for your client A to buy a house, 3-5 floor, designate a community in a community, specify a community Essence
    What you need to do is:
    1) The price is looking for a house between 80-150, and the funds in the hands of 800,000 houses that can be bought should be between 300,000 to 400,000 or even more. So don't limit 800,000, good houses will consider.
    2) The 2-6th floor of the floor can be selected, and good house customers will consider.
    3) Specifies that people in a community are looking at the quality of the medium -sized districts or there are relatives here. Then you can find a community of the same quality for comparison. Good house customers will not refuse;
    4) As let You will meet stubborn people, then you can always keep in touch, and recommend it if you have a suitable one.
    You should do:
    1) Clear the situation of each house, this is your profession;
    2) The house you see must be different, the contrast is very large;
    3) It is best to look at it from far to near, one time;
    4) Take the route to see the route. Do n’t think that every customer is patient, especially summer;
    5) Take 3 houses that you think are good, and you will be distracted if you have more;
    6) Be careful of someone to track you, huh, send the customer to the car and go back, reflect your care and prevent thief; n You must know:
    1) The customer has a purchase intention to bring it back to the company. When your ability is not enough, contact your manager in advance to handle
    2.) Or your colleagues
    3) In the end, you come directly to talk about how your knowledge is.

  3. 1. Analysis ability
    The real estate agent must have a keen analysis ability for market opportunities, learn to discover market opportunities, such as timely understanding of new policies, analyzing the purpose of government regulation, and discovering new opportunities.
    2, communication ability
    . A successful real estate agent must be a good communicationr. The daily work content of the real estate agent is to deal with people, to achieve good communication with customers, homeowners, and colleagues, and selling their ideas, beliefs, plans, and methods to them is the key to success.
    3, calling ability
    . The real estate agent who just entered the industry generally starts from calling. The company will wash some numbers and quantitatively call themselves. The quantity can increase your sales significantly.
    4. Collect the ability of listings
    The traditional running disk and petition methods. I wo n’t say much. The collection techniques for housing are actually used to complete the use of the Internet. The online office software designed for the agent. The collection of housing is not only fast, but also has a wide range of collection. It can also identify intermediary colleagues and one -click dial. It is the best assistant for intermediary newcomers to collect housing.
    5. Using the Internet Topping Personalization
    Mvengers of real estate intermediary platforms, even if newcomers are released, they can easily be "drowned". The broker's micro -shop shows the listing in the form of exquisite listings, sharing one click, waiting for customers to consult, saving a lot of energy.
    6. Social ability
    If of the source information of many tenants, in addition to we find it ourselves, many times they come from social networking, such as relatives and friends, property, security guards, old customers, and even peers to maintain and maintain good and good maintenance and good maintenance. The relationship between them treats sincerely.
    7. Sharing ability
    The people are associated with "interests". As newcomers of real estate agencies, they just take the "strength of others" to use the commission and information as much as possible. The spreaders shared, not working alone and fighting alone.

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