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  1. According to the data released by the "2014-2018 Chinese toy manufacturing industry in 2014-2018" data released by the Institute The proportion of output value accounts for GDP is relatively stable, and it has been hovering at about 0.3%. Generally speaking, although the export volume of the toy industry is huge, the proportion of the national economy is still not high.

    The domestic children's consumption has accounted for about 30%of the total family expenditure, and the total monthly consumption of children aged 0-12 in the country exceeds 3.5 billion yuan. However, the per capita annual toy consumption of children and adolescents under the age of 14 in China is only 20-30 yuan, of which the annual toys for children in Chinese urban children are 45 yuan, and the per capita annual toy consumption of rural children is less than 15 yuan, which is far lower than the per capita of Asian children. The annual toy consumption is $ 13 and the annual toy consumption of children per capita in the world is $ 34. It can be said that there is still much room for development in the future children's toy market.

    It, the urban children's consumer group has a unique personality, its environment is superior, most of which are active in thought, memory, strong imitation ability, and pursuing independence and fashion. At present, children's pocket money in large cities across the country is 176 yuan per month, which has a great impact on family consumption. Compared to domestic brands, children are more inclined to foreign brands, mainly because these brands are more fashionable and suitable for their personality. It is worth noting that children do not have the right to consume, especially children under 12 years old. Most parents often designate brands to purchase, but 60%of parents will listen to their children's opinions.

    The analysis of the toy manufacturing industry report of the Foresight Industry Research Institute believes that compared with foreign countries, China has huge consumption potential, but the gap between Chinese per capita toys consumption and the world average, and the lack of high -end talents in the domestic toy industry in the domestic toys industry The industries like toy designers have only begun to appear in recent years, and only a few universities such as Zhejiang University of Technology and the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts have set up toy design disciplines. In addition, due to the lack of independent brands in the industry, there are few well -known anime images, resulting in the development of the toy industry. With the implementation of the foreign toy industry certification and safety standards, China has implemented compulsory certification on the domestic toy industry. In multiple regions, it is randomly checked on the unqualified toys in the market. We ushered in a bright future.

    In general, my country's toy market is very promising. As the people's income is getting higher and higher, the investment in children's toys will be more and more. I hope my answer can help you.

  2. With the improvement of living standards, many parents and friends now do not hesitate to spend money on their children. Therefore, the market’s market is very large, so the market prospects of toys are very good. With consumer people, so , Are you afraid that there are no customers, so the prospect of the toy market is very good now. If you want to join the naughty boy Worry -free toy chain, it must be a thousand profits. Secondly, there are more and more forms of toys now. Many parents also recognize the role of toys, not only to accompany the children to play, but now many toys are puzzle toys. Many parents choose to choose a lot of toys for their children, so that they are happy to break the owner of the toy store. The toy market is a very vast market. Now the child’s requirements are like the imperial decree. Therefore, toys that attract children must have a very good prospect. No parents and friends will grieve their children. The urchin worry -free toy chain, then you can quickly act.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Dear kiss, hello! I am very happy to serve you. The prospects for kissing children's toy markets are still very good. With the development of social development and second -child policy, children's toys are not only loved by children, but also favored by many parents. One is that many parents are usually commonplace. They are busy with work with little time to accompany their children, so they will choose to buy various toys for their children to accompany their children, so that children have a happy childhood. For example, many left -behind children. Parents will have a compensation for their children because they work with children for a long time, and they will compensate their children by buying various toys. Second, the toys are now integrated with entertainment, education, and practice. It is extremely helpful for children's thinking training and hands -on operations. Nowadays, many early education toys appear. Parents hope that their children will win on the starting line. Naturally willing to buy all kinds of early education toys for children!

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