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  1. People of the group have certain correlations, and they all have common hobbies or common needs for something. QQ has the largest number of members in China, so the QQ group is to settle people with common characteristics. How can such a huge user base be effectively used and how to serve our corporate? First of all, let's understand the characteristics of QQ groups. The QQ group has congenital classification accuracy, because when we create the group, we have divided according to the set classification. And the name can be determined by yourself. What are the benefits of this? First of all, whether we are advertising or activities, we hope that the user group will be more accurate, so that the better our effect will be, the QQ group will automatically separate us. A group is a precise customer group, and the number of some groups will reach 500. There are so many groups, so if there are 100 such groups, everyone will think about what will happen. Below we use a specific case to talk about how to actively operate the Q group to serve us online marketing.
    1. Click "Find" in the QQ interface, 2. "Finding the Group" 3 "Find according to conditions" 4. Enter the keywords you want to search at "Find Keywords". For example: search "English" and click to find. There are dozens of pages of groups of English. And the number of people inside is uneven. We first find the number of people above 100 and apply for joining. Of course, some group owners may see that you are not pleasing to the eye, but you do n’t lose confidence. At least 5 groups are added at one time. After the application, we were involved in the "enemy". If you are an English training institution, these people are likely to exist in your customers. At this time, some people can't wait to publish their advertisement information, so the consequences are to be proposed by the group owners. So how should we operate in the internal effect to achieve our effect? ​​
    1. Modify our own group business cards and write the main content we want to claim, but we can't write too much advertising meaning.
    2. Send group emails to the people in the group, such as soft text, resources. Here is still something that can be made in oil advertising.
    3. Quietly record the QQ of these group members, hold them and add them to their QQ group.
    4. Use these QQ numbers as their own potential customers, group mail
    5. Add these QQ as friends to get in touch with these people.

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