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  1. Furniture opening activities Marketing planning plan
    The marketing planning plan for furniture opening activities. Pay attention to some small details when working, and you must learn to respect others at any time. Many things in the workplace are worth learning. Only the rules can be like fish, and the marketing planning plan for furniture opening activities will teach you to gain a foothold in the workplace.

    The furniture opening activities Marketing planning plan 1 Furniture store opening activity plan has a large or small impact on our business confidence. The promotion and exposure of our brand's products and the confidence in operating will be greatly improved. Therefore, the opening of the new furniture store, the event plan must not be sloppy.
    In the custom furniture industry, the new stores have emerged endlessly, but many dealers are in The planning plan for the opening activities is slightly lacking in understanding and execution. No matter which industry's new store opens, most people think that the new store's opening activity plan is nothing more than advertising bombing promotion, buying product gift feedback, or buying two delivery. I have waited for some old routine marketing, but I have to admit that these old routine marketing still has a certain effect. The direction of the planning plan is right, but only a few people can take into account the details. Woolen cloth? In simple terms, it is the intention of the customer group. Some people say that when my new furniture store opens, there are a lot of passenger traffic! Why is the probability of transactions so low? In fact, such a phenomenon is because you have not handled the details, and the customers brought are not high enough. Human practice, people will have a strong curiosity about new things and new things, that is, love to make fun and watch the lively. At the time of opening, the customer flow is more traffic. The low transaction rate is because he does not look at the product with needs. There is another phenomenon that when the opening is opened, don't say that there are interested customers, and even the people's flow is poor. As a result, these two phenomena are both phenomena are both phenomena. Because I failed to do a good job of the furniture opening activities. To do a good job of opening a plan, I analyzed and summarized it as the following two points.
    Precise customer group drainage
    The accurate customer group, the early stage of the opening activities must be effectively promoted. If the target groups that are required can not be tapped, even if a large number of advertising bombing is brought back to the unsteady group, it is not helpful. In -depth community propaganda is not to send leaflets from house to household, but with a keen sense of smell and vision, carpet search users who are renovating, give the discount information of the opening activity plan, and sincerely invite to the event site to learn about it. Can you successfully invite the invitation to invite the invitation. It also depends on everyone’s publicity and negotiation skills. The regional division of users in the community, reasonable division of labor, and the content design of the leaflets can attract attention. These details must be taken into account. The client group is cited to the event site.
    The content planning of the opening activity plan
    has successfully drained the prelude, and it has been successful. The content planning link of this plan is the most important. Otherwise The ducks are flying. The planning of the content should be taken into account both. It refers to the two perspectives of merchants and consumers. For discounts, all we can do is to sell more on profit, so that consumers feel that the product is worth it. You can use the gimmick of the opening to attract customers and detonate the rhythm of the market. In addition, price discounts, promotional gifts, etc. , Can even adopt the contents of the shift, lottery, and other contents. Furthermore, the atmosphere and environment on the day of opening must be sufficient, and consumers should be high -profile to feel the popularity of the opening and the benefits of the product. Only in this way can customers be allowed to allow customers Target group is willing to buy orders
    The marketing planning plan for furniture opening activities 2. Activity purpose
    Marketing background introduction: __ 目 目 目 目 目 in 1986. After more than 20 years of excitement, it has developed into China Research, production, and sales integrated large -scale civilian furniture leading enterprises.
    __ The company has created a multinational R

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