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  1. The three letters B2B often mentioned in the mouth of foreign trade personnel are called Business to Business in English. The Chinese understanding means transactions between the company and the company. Trade in between. There is also a commonly used word called B2C, which is called Business to Customer. The Chinese translation means seller and individual. For example, transactions between sellers and individuals, sales between manufacturers and individuals, and so on. E -commerce transactions are sold at a growth rate of 23 percent per year. China has just developed in the middle stage, and it is far behind European and American countries. The demand for development space is still great. Here are what channels are there in commercial express delivery:nThe weight calculation of commercial express delivery is calculated according to the maximum weight of the real weight and volume. The weight of the volume is 5000 in length*width*height. The number obtained is the volume weight. The cost calculation is calculated based on the announcement price fuel surcharge remote area surcharges. The specific fee is charged according to the nature of the goods you mail. The product also needs to be charged an additional fee. The fuel surcharges will change every month and collect it as depending on the situation. If the goods you send are not commercial fastnThe scope of delivery of delivery also needs to be charged for remote areas. What kind of channels are commercial express delivery::nFirst, Federal Express, Fedex Express, is divided into Federal IE and Federal IP. The mainland Fedex-IE is economical. The price is relatively cheap. The mainland Fedex-IP is an urgent type and high price.nSecond, China and Foreign Dunhao International Air Express, English name DHL One Sinotrans, DHL Express service outlets cover more than 220 countries and regions around the world, providing customers with fast and reliable professional services. DHL belongs to a well -known brand under the German PostnThird, UPS Express, the full name of UPS Express, was founded in 1907 and was founded by the United States. It is located in Washington, Washington. Chinese is called Joint Parcel International Express.nFourth, the electronic query network of TNT express is also the world's most advanced. The above are the four major commercial express delivery that Volkswagen referred to. Each one has its own advantages, so as to choose the ideal delivery method according to different needs of the customer group.

  2. See you in a hurry. It seems that our company also sent some information to Canada last month. The price of DHL, which is used for foreign transportation, is okay. More than two hundred points. The key is to have invoices. Ask, I don’t know if there is any useful nb.ganji/fuwu_dian/127483/

  3. There are many channels for postal DHL TNT. In fact, it is almost the same as sending domestic express delivery. You first find an agent because the price of the agent is cheaper than the official. If you do not require the timeliness, you can use the postal time limit. The applet is very convenient to fill in the order online. You can try it

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