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  1. Users are mainly male, and the age radiation surface is wide
    . In the past two decades of Internet development, most of China's industries have undergone tremendous changes. Dining and travel industries have subverted the traditional model. Meituan, Didi and other companies End in the front -line Internet company camp. In the mobile phone maintenance industry, the price of official maintenance is in a monopoly position, coupled with many problems such as the opaque service of street stores, no guarantee of accessories, and incredible personnel. A good O2O entrepreneurial model. In the development of my country's mobile phone repair O2O industry, about 67%of consumers have not heard of mobile phone maintenance O2O models. It can be seen that the potential user market in my country's mobile phone maintenance O2O industry is relatively large.
    In from the current stage, the user's gender of mobile phone repair service APP, public account and websites, mobile phone repair O2O users are mainly composed of men, and the proportion is more than 50%, which is much higher than female users.

    In terms of age distribution, mobile phone repair O2O industry accounts for the highest proportion of users aged 30-39, as high as 56.9%. And from the following sets of data, it can be learned that the user groups of the two ages of 10-19 and 50-59 years in my country are also using mobile phone repair O2O platforms, although the proportion is much less than other ages. However, this also shows that the concept of online repair mobile phones has been established among my country's minor users and older groups that are less contact with the Internet.

    S convenience and fast is the main reason for the user's choice, and most of the company staff and students
    tectec are found, which affects users to choose mobile phone repair O2O O2O The main reason is "convenient", which accounts for up to 38.45%. In addition, the reasons such as "disclosure" and "after -sales" are also the reasons that affect user decision -making, accounting for 29.03%and 12.46%, respectively.

    and the professional distribution of O2O users on mobile phone repair, company staff and students are the main groups, accounting for 31.56%and 18.71%, respectively. The total proportion exceeded half of the overall, 50.27%.

    The mobile phone repair O2O is high, but there is still room for improvement
    》 Data, in 2018, users have high satisfaction with mobile phone maintenance O2O, very satisfied with 52.13%, and more satisfied accounting for 24.67%. However, the dissatisfied users also occupy a considerable proportion, very dissatisfied accounting for 2.14%, and 5.36%of dissatisfaction. This shows that mobile phone repair O2O products and services bring better experience to users, but there is still room for improvement.

    In general, the size of the user group of O2O maintenance O2O in my country is still small; mobile phone repair O2O services are covered in first -tier cities and southern cities. In the future, if it can expand the coverage and sink to second- and third -tier cities, it will be able to greatly tap potential users; for many consumers, mobile phone repair O2O is still a more novel service form. Cognition and willingness, the market consumption habits are yet to be cultivated.
    -For more data and analysis, please refer to the "China Mobile Industry Market Prospective and Investment Forecast Analysis Report" from the Foresight Industry Research Institute.

  2. In terms of the mobile phone maintenance industry, the net profit is very high, and the technical expenses are earned. The prospects are good. However, the prospects should be talked about in two aspects:

    1. The number of employees in the mobile phone maintenance industry has generally declined. In recent years, the overall practitioners have fallen from 8 million to about 6 million. The specific data is the result of the government census, and the authenticity is relatively high. The main reason is that with the continuous upgrading of the mobile phone, the low -end machine maintenance space is too low, and the high -end such as Apple models have high requirements for maintenance technology, which has led to many of the practitioners in the whole machine to buy and sell business, accessories, etc. , Or exit the mobile phone industry directly. In other words, in general, the threshold has been improved. For those who really understand technology, competitiveness has increased and profits have also increased.

    2. The mobile phone maintenance training industry has developed steadily. Due to the continuous compression of domestic machine profits, the decline in maintenance profits, and truly profitable maintenance models, such as Apple repair, have high technical requirements. As a result, the number of teaching points such as training schools, shops with apprentices, etc., of course, the teaching level is uneven, and they have been deceived and repeatedly occurred. If you want to study your mobile phone, it is basically impossible to learn yourself, especially Apple repair. Because the cost of self -study is too high. Then talk about how to make money: there are generally three ways: 1. Mobile phones are the industry chain. Learning maintenance can be used as the basis for entering the industry to lay the foundation for other industries such as the whole machine, accessories, etc. in the future. After learning to repair, choose what you are more interested in and do. 2. Work directly and raise the chestnuts around you. Foxconn Water Line workers, the total income includes overtime pays around 4,000. It can be maintained on mobile phones to do technical workers. As long as the exam is passed, it can generally add about 3,000 wages.

  3. Simply put, do you have a future in the mobile phone maintenance industry

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