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  1. How to do a good job of community promotion, make good use of these three tricks

    If you learn this set of stunts and apply it The existing problems will also get the following three benefits:

    1, good things, some people know that some people use
    n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n R n2, the values ​​of the back end, the community energy foot

    3, the community generates trust, generates transactions, can make money

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    How to do a good job to promote the community?

    . Create potential

    The process of doing the event is the same

    The product design at this stage requires

    Let the product value output 10 times

    This large superimposed value, let users feel value for value

    letting users want to understand

    The accumulation of community development potential

    . Promotion strategy

    1, the old belt new

    has a certain basis for accumulating potential energy and a certain reputation. Free entering group

    2, fission new

    members in the group enjoy distribution permissions, recommendation of primary group recommendation Those who enjoy 80%or full division, let the benefits drive as a driver, and make the group develop into normal

    3, funnel screening

    free public lessons, friends recommendation, etc., attract high value, establish primary low -cost groups

    In the high -level group from the high value of the back -end high -level group

    R n

    In the early stages of operation, you must give decentralization to divide the money. After you have a certain amount of senior users, you can have continuous flow and capital precipitation through them, and then you can have a steady stream of flow and capital precipitation, and then you can settle the amount of flow and capital precipitation, and then the deposit of funds, and then you can settle, and then the deposit of funds. Enhance the value through the back -end service, empower fans, let fans grow with you, make money together

    You are good, form a community of interests, resolutely cannot cut leeks, lie to fools, and pay honestly

    three, word of mouth transformation and spread

    The transaction comes from trust

    The trust comes from cultivation

    rnrn如果想让用户为你传播,也必须建立在信任和价值的基础上,让用户感觉这个价值值得推荐给朋友,而且确保朋友不会被骗rnr n

    only if the user himself thinks this group is good, he can recommend spreading


    Is it? You judge the dry goods yourself, do you watch it yourself!

    The reason is nonsense everywhere, we are the Avenue to Jane!

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