3 thoughts on “How is the employment rate of online marketing?”

  1. The competitive data of this industry only represents the situation of the Chengdu Internet marketing commissioner, not national data. Data show that Chengdu Internet Marketing Commissioner has the highest salary in the "intermediary service" industry, which is ¥ 8000; the highest salary in the "Shanghai" area is ¥ 8170.

    The employment rate in Chengdu is as high as 95%or more

  2. If you are employment, you must first look at the market in this industry. As long as the market is large, companies have this need for this area. As long as you do it, it is not difficult to find.

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  3. I learned online marketing during college. It's just that in the online marketing major, it is divided into many sub -categories. We can understand online marketing as marketing activities on the Internet through Internet technology. Of course, this marketing activity is not only selling products, but also includes the sales of your services and the establishment of a brand that builds your products or services. Course is divided into network tool development and use marketing knowledge.

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