What Are the Specifications of NAS679?

What Are the Specifications of NAS679?

Engineered for High Performance

What Are the Specifications of NAS679?
What Are the Specifications of NAS679?

NAS679 is a specification for aerospace nuts, meticulously designed to meet the rigorous demands of the aerospace industry. This specification details the requirements for nuts that offer exceptional performance under various operational conditions.

Material and Design Standards

NAS679 nuts are crafted with an emphasis on durability and resistance:

  • Material Selection: Made from high-grade materials such as stainless steel and alloy steel, NAS679 nuts are engineered to withstand high stresses and resist corrosion in challenging environments.
  • Design Precision: These nuts are designed for use in applications requiring a high degree of precision and reliability. Their design conforms to exact dimensions and tolerances to ensure consistent performance.

Key Specifications and Performance Data

The specifications of NAS679 nuts make them suitable for critical applications:

  • Dimensions: NAS679 nuts are available in a range of sizes, typically specified by the thread diameter and pitch. This variety ensures that they can be used in diverse applications requiring different levels of load and stress.
  • Tensile Strength: They are capable of handling significant tensile loads, often required in aerospace structural applications, ensuring that components remain secure even under high stress.
  • Temperature Resistance: Designed to perform reliably in a range of temperatures, NAS679 nuts are ideal for use in both high-temperature environments, such as near engines, and in the cold vacuum of space applications.

Critical Usage in Aerospace

NAS679 nuts are essential in various aerospace applications:

  • Structural Components: These nuts are commonly used in the assembly of airframe structures, where reliable fastening is critical to maintaining the integrity of the aircraft.
  • Engine Assemblies: Given their high-temperature resistance, NAS679 nuts are also used in engine mounts and other engine-related components, where they must withstand extreme heat and vibration.


NAS679 sets a standard for aerospace nuts that demand high strength, precision, and reliability. These nuts are integral to ensuring the safety and functionality of critical aerospace systems, where every component must perform flawlessly under high stresses and temperatures.

For more information on NAS679 and to view detailed product specifications, please visit the NAS679 product page.

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