Can You Steam Clean Quartz Countertops Safely?

Can You Steam Clean Quartz Countertops Safely?

Quartz countertops are a popular choice in modern kitchens and bathrooms due to their beauty and durability. However, when it comes to maintenance, particularly cleaning, many homeowners wonder about the safest and most effective methods to use. One common question is whether steam cleaning is a safe option for quartz surfaces. This article explores the feasibility and safety of steam cleaning quartz countertops, providing detailed insights and practical advice.

Can You Steam Clean Quartz Countertops Safely?
Can You Steam Clean Quartz Countertops Safely?

Understanding Quartz's Composition and Durability

Resilience of Engineered Stone

Quartz countertops are engineered from approximately 90% ground natural quartz and 10% polymers, resins, and pigments. This composition renders quartz highly resistant to scratches and stains, making it an ideal surface for heavy-use areas. However, despite its durability, quartz is not completely impervious to damage, especially from high heat and prolonged exposure to moisture.

Impact of Heat and Moisture

The polymer and resin binders that hold the quartz granules together can be sensitive to extreme temperatures. Steam cleaners, which emit steam at temperatures high enough to effectively sanitize surfaces, could potentially weaken these binders if used improperly or excessively.

The Safe Use of Steam on Quartz Countertops

Precautions and Techniques

To safely use steam cleaning on quartz, it's crucial to avoid direct contact with the surface for an extended period. Brief, controlled applications of steam can help sanitize the surface without causing harm. For example, passing a steam cleaner quickly over the quartz, rather than holding it in one place, minimizes the risk of heat damage.

Recommended Cleaning Practices

For everyday cleaning, manufacturers generally recommend using mild soap and water or a dedicated quartz cleaner. These methods are sufficient to keep quartz countertops clean and maintain their integrity without the risks associated with steam cleaning.

Advantages of Steam Cleaning

Sanitization Benefits

Steam cleaning is highly effective in killing bacteria and viruses without the need for chemical disinfectants. In environments where hygiene is a top priority, such as kitchens and bathrooms, steam cleaning can offer peace of mind by providing a high level of sanitation.

Environmental and Health Considerations

Using steam also reduces the reliance on chemical cleaners, which can emit harmful substances and contribute to indoor air pollution. For households looking to maintain a more environmentally friendly and health-conscious home, steam cleaning is an attractive option.

Limitations and Risks

Potential for Damage

While the benefits are clear, the potential for damage from heat exposure cannot be ignored. Frequent use of steam can lead to deterioration of the resin components in quartz, potentially resulting in discoloration, warping, or cracking over time.

Manufacturer's Warranty

It's also important to consider the terms of the manufacturer's warranty. Many quartz countertop warranties may be voided if damage occurs due to improper cleaning methods, including steam cleaning. Always check with the manufacturer or installation company before using steam or any other non-recommended cleaning methods on quartz surfaces.


While steam cleaning can offer effective sanitation benefits for quartz countertops, it is not without risks. To safely maintain your quartz surfaces, stick to recommended cleaning methods and use steam cleaning sparingly, ensuring not to expose the surface to high heat for extended periods. Following these guidelines will help keep your can you steam clean quartz countertops looking pristine while preserving their durability and beauty for years to come.

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