Telegram Web Version login Guide

Telegram Web Version login Guide

Telegram Web Version login Guide
Telegram Web Version login Guide

So next time you need to check your messages without waiting around for them to be delivered, head on to Telegram web version and start chatting right away instead. Designed for those who often change devices, or those who prefer using a desktop for messaging, logging in with Telegram Web is easy and secure. So, how you can log into Telegram Web and start messaging straight away?

Access the Telegram Web Site

Step 1: Open Telegram Web Go to the official Telegram Web. That can be done by going intob>web. telegram. org in your browser's address bar. This is the page you will use to get into your Telegram account using a web browser, so you can carry on chatting to friends from any device with an internet connection.

Enter Your Phone Number

So now, once you are on the Telegram Web page you will be asked to enter your Mobile number. Note: Please make sure you have the correct country code selected before entering your no in order to get the verification code sent to your actual phone. To do that, Telegram you are phone number as a unique identifier to sync up with your existing account details to the web version.

Step 1 - Acquire and Confirm the Security Code

After you entered your phone number, Telegram will send a verification code but to the Telegram mobile app, not as a SMS, same like in app messages. What this does is allow you to maintain your security by using an existing authenticated session. After the following - The code should be in your mobile telegram notifications-Enter this code in Telegram Web to continue.

Logging In with 2-Step Verification

You will be required to enter your double password if two-step verification is activated. That extra step secures your account, making it impossible for anyone to access your chats even they have your phone number and verification code.

Start Using Telegram Web

After you enter the correct verification code (and password, if needed), you would be able to access all Telegram features from your browser. You will now be able to read your messages, start new chats, use group chats, or pick reading up from where you left off on your phone device Most functionalities of the app can also be used on the web version, such as messages, photos, videos, and files sent.

Make Sure Your Web Browser is Supported

Use a modern and up to date browser for best experience It is built with your favorite web browsers such Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge in mind for reliable and convenient performance and security.

Logging Out

If you have ever logged into Telegram Web from a shared or public computer, remember to log out after you done using it, to keep your privacy safe. To log out, click the menu icon itself in the top left of the screen and choose “Logout” from the menu.

Telegram网页版登录,可以实时接收最新的消息告诉,不必要手机。 The feature is especially useful for desk-bound workers and heavy computer users who wish to continue multitasking over at the very least their messenger programs.

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