Where is the Changsha pet market? Is it reliable? Thank you.

Where is the Changsha pet market? Is it reliable? Thank you.

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  1. The Changsha flower and bird pet market is near the South Railway Station of the Auto. There are pets such as birds, fish, rabbit flowers, turtles and cats, etc., buy pet dogs and pet cats, do not buy it in the pet market, there are too many dogs, there are too many sick dogs, and the pet market is not reliable. Go to the dog house to rest assured

  2. Brother, I do n’t know the location now. You can see it on the map. There should be, but no matter where you buy it, you must understand pets, otherwise, it is easy to be pitted by the second way. My brother -in -law used to live in Changsha for a while. At that time, I bought a golden retriever. Because I didn't understand, I bought 3800 yuan to buy golden retriever. Occasionally a chance later, a good friend Xiaoting showed me a video: Changsha buying a pet tutorial at a low price. After watching this video given me by Xiaoting, I learned that my brother -in -law's golden retriever was actually only about 1500 yuan, and it took 2,300 yuan to spend more than 2,300 yuan. It's too pit. If you want to buy a dog in Changsha, you must watch this video. So as like my brother -in -law, you spend 3800 yuan to buy golden retriever worth only 1,500 yuan. Not to mention, I am very happy to help you.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer dear, hello pet market, Furong Road meets with Xiangya Road, that is, opposite the train north station, the bus is under the Xiangya intersection, the first floor is selling electric cars, pets on the second floor, and pet market buying dogs. Be cautious. It is difficult to support dogs on a week. It is recommended to buy it in a regular farm. The reputation of the Baisha dog farm is better. There is a dog house in Xingang Village, Data Town, Tianxin District, Changsha. I heard that it is the best in Hunan. You can buy it there.

  4. Where is the Changsha pet market? Is it reliable? Thank you, participating in the pet market in Changsha in the pet trading market, not far from the urban area. The pets there are still very reliable.

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