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  1. Dogs have vomiting and do not rule out the following two situations. One of the wrong foods causes gastrointestinal dysfunction.
    S lively living in a lower temperature environment, which makes the body cool, and the cold air stimulates the gastrointestinal tract.
    Whether the dog is two cases, you need to take it as soon as possible to avoid delaying the condition. Dogs are prone to vomiting because the center of vomiting is developed.
    In inappropriate foods, uncomfortable environments, can cause dog vomiting. Dog vomiting may also be caused by diseases. For example, gastritis or viral gastritis, we must judge according to different circumstances. Medical as soon as possible.

  2. 1. If the dog has nothing to do after the vomiting, the spirit is good, this is actually caused by an excessive diet. As long as the dog eats over, it will cause vomiting.
    2. If you spit out food, and eat the food back immediately, it will be okay. Such vomiting belongs to physiological vomiting.
    3. If the dog vomits, accompanied by the condition of dilute, the spirit is not good. This time to see the doctor in time, it may be infected with intestinal parasites.
    The habits of dogs
    . Eating habits
    Dogs like bones. In addition, they also like to eat omnivorous, eggs and meat. It is healthy, you must not eat meat or omnivorous, you need to match feeding. It should be noted that dogs cannot eat too much salt and sugar.
    . Relying on people
    The people are very dependent on human beings. Dogs are born with dogs' natural habits. Family pet dogs are particularly sticky. It should be noted that if the dog is in a state of no one for a long time, symptoms such as anorexia and depression will occur. Therefore, the owner must accompany the dog, so that the dog will grow up happily and healthy.
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  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am glad to answer it for you. Dogs who suddenly vomit may be caused by too fast eating and disease. If the dog is not vomiting and the mental state is okay, you can first feed the pet probiotic to regulate the gastrointestinal observation. However, if the dog frequently vomits and has a depressed mental condition, it is recommended that the owner take it to the local pet hospital or veterinary station for examination, because the dog may infect some parasites or infectious diseases.nAsk, what should I do if it doesn't eatnAnswer Hello, I am glad to answer it for you. It does not eat. In this case, it is mostly sick. It is recommended that you take it to your pet hospital or clinicn1 morenBleak

  4. Dogs vomit because they eat too much, sick or toxic substances.
    Pymal is the most common phenomenon in dogs. Many friends are afraid to see their dog vomiting. In fact, many times, vomiting is a protective response of dogs. It can remove some difficult or harmful substances from the body, which has a certain protective effect.
    The causes of vomiting are many, and the manifestations are different. The most common cause is acute infections, such as bacterial gastroenteritis, small viral enteritis, food poisoning, etc. Second, pharyngeal and esophagus, gastrointestinal deformity.
    three symptoms of dogs sick.
    The most obvious problem is that the spirit is weak and likes to sleep. But because the dog itself is sleeping for a long time, the owner often ignores this problem. Therefore, we also have to observe whether the dog has weakness and weakness, the movement is slow, the tail is not moving, and the sagging is drooping; the expression has no vitality with sorrow.
    2. Generally speaking, normal dog nasal mirrors are more moist (there are some exceptions). If we find that the dog's nose is cracked, and even the flowing nose water. So most of the dogs may have a fever. Dogs may have some dry nose while sleeping. This is a normal phenomenon. Of course, we should also judge how the dog's condition is combined with other symptoms.
    3. The bowel movement of the dog can be well expressed how the dog's physical condition. If the dogs have dysentery, constipation, or too hard problems when feeding are normal, it shows that the dog's body is different.

  5. The dog is a greedy little guy. After all, its ancestors are hungry wolves, and the dogs still retain the nature of some wolves. For example, when you see things you love to eat or you are hungry, you do n’t have controlling it, and they do n’t know the principle of chewing slowly. This is one of the main reasons why dogs vomit.

    For dogs, there is no vomiting with vomiting blood, fever, mental weakness, severe diarrhea, blood stool, etc., you can basically treat it as a normal phenomenon. Dogs will vomit when they are not eating. This chance is much higher than humans, so when dogs vomit, you have to judge what causes. You can think of it as an instinct for the dog's self -protection without being too nervous.

    The normal vomiting of dogs (that is, because of vomiting caused by small problems in the digestive system), two types of things are basically vomited: one is foods that are completely indigestible at all, and the other is the smell that tastes stinky. Yellow water.

    The food that is not digested is often something that dogs have just eaten. You can see what kind of things are eaten and spit out by what you like. Because the dogs are not chewing well, they swallow it directly. When it eats too much or runs around just after eating, it is easy to cause such vomiting. You will find that after the dog is spit, if you do not clean up in time, they will eat these things, because it is nothing, because it is also its survival instinct.

    This dogs sometimes spit yellow water, which often occurs when it is particularly fierce a few days ago. Sometimes it will have a good appetite for several days. How many meals to eat and eat, there will be some snacks in the middle. After a few days of good appetite, it sometimes vomits a bubble yellow water in the night, stinky, which is actually a manifestation of gastritis. Then the next day it will lose appetite, and even the most expensive meat is not eaten. The best way is to make it hungry for a day. Of course, this day's appetite is not good, it is not particularly delicious, it can't afford interest. So it is better to put some dog food in its rice bowl. If it is really hungry, it will eat. Don't have to let it eat something to rest assured. Remember that dogs are afraid of not being hungry, and often many problems are when they eat too much. Honor for a day has nothing to do with the dog. Generally speaking, this situation will be good for a day, but if you continue to vomit, you need to pay attention, because this situation can easily cause the dog's dehydration.

    It a few days after the dog vomits, pay attention to its diet, eat less meals, do not give it snacks, and let it eat dog food. You can also give it some digestive pills. It will be completely normal in a few days.

    So in general, the vomiting of the two situations above is not too nervous. Pay attention to its diet, just adjust for a few days. For puppies who have just arrived in the new home, if it has a card sputum similar to vomiting and spit, be sure to go to the hospital quickly, because this is likely to be the early performance of the dog plague that will want the dog to live. Pay special attention.

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