5 thoughts on “What pet is suitable for single boys?”

  1. Single boys are of course suitable for pet dogs. Because of a single dog, single dog is a single person. The dog's temperament is more loyal and is a very good partner. When a boy is playing the game, the dog can quietly stay with the boy to accompany him.

  2. The most suitable for raising is a Labrador dog, because dogs are very cute and rare, and if you raise a dog, you will be very loyal to you and will not betray you

  3. You can raise a cat, because cats are a very clever animal. Boys who have raised cats are more gentle and mature in personality, so that you can find objects in the future.

  4. Single male raising dogs become positive and loyal, you are always very happy when you go home, you can also bend to pick up girls. If other girls know that you are raising a dog, you think you are very loving. Here comes.

  5. Single dogs, single dogs, I think single people can raise a dog, and dogs are really the most loyal creatures in the world. It can protect you at the moment of danger.

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