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  1. Pet dogs raised in the home are mainly feeding on weekdays. Dog food is mainly based on dog food. During this period, you can add nutritious supplementary foods to dogs, such as: self -made meals with less salt and less oil, cooked meat, bones, and animal internal organs. You can buy canned dogs, nutrition creams, snacks, etc. to feed dogs. When feeding, pay attention to a small amount to feed more to prevent dogs from digesting more.
    1, a puppy’s food is important. The puppy is the same as people. Get full nutrition in daily meals so that puppies can grow better.
    2, puppy should be fed three times a day, not too much. Avoid the phenomenon of puppies and cause uncomfortable body discomfort. The food of puppy can be dog food or a rice made by the home, which is good for the health of the puppy.
    3. After dinner, you can take a puppy out and walk, helping the puppy digestion. Let the puppy run around freely, increase the spirit of the puppy, and enhance the puppy’s resistance.
    4. Before the puppy goes to bed, you should take a bath for the puppy. Bathing will increase the happiness of the puppy. It is conducive to the growth of puppies. And it is also conducive to the health of puppies.

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