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  1. Person's beauty methods
    The beauty methods of pet dogs are many and various. The following is the beauty method of Pomeranian dogs. Welcome everyone to read!
    . Sorting:
    1. The dog stands on the cosmetic table in the correct posture, and slowly combed from the back of the body in the opposite direction; ;
    3. Swipe the tail at the end.
    . Cleaning:
    This Beauty Master Reminder: Clean up the ear and nails before cleaning, and shave the soles of the feet and abdomen.
    1. Squeeze the pet bath solution with a little water to dilute with water, and control the water temperature at 35 ° -38 °;
    . Use your thumb and index finger to squeeze the anal glands to clean the anal glands;
    3. When shower, you should wet the front body first and rinse from the back. Then apply the head and the whole body with the diluted bath, and gently rub it towards the back, abdomen and limbs along the head. Do not let the bath fluid flow into the eyes. Det somehow and rinse it thoroughly.
    three, hair dryer:
    1. Wrap the body with a bath towel, move to the platform to dry the water;
    , the remaining water is dried with a hair dryer, starting from the head, using hair while using hair, while using hair on the side, with hair on the same side, with hair on the same side, with hair, use hair while using hair. Brush, combine each part little by little until the root of the hair is completely blowing;
    . After the hair dryer is finished, use a straight combing to comb the hair. hair.
    . Shaver:
    1. Top: Use the right hand to hold an electric scissors when shaving, hold the dog's mouth on the left hand; Share the throat knot down 1-2 fingers. (Knife: No. 40)
    2. Four feet are only repaired to the heels, shaving the soles of the feet should be separated from the thumb and index finger, and be careful to shave it in the meantime;
    , the lower tail roots The part to the anal part is shaved into the word "V". The tail is shaved from the root to the tip of the tail for 1/3;
    4. The hair of the back and the abdomen around the body and the abdomen is trimmed.
    5. Cutting hair repair:
    1. Foot lines and feet are thin, cut the flying festival, look thin legs, combed the hair to the front, cut the front leg to the ankle at the ankle, Essence
    2, waistline, in the middle of the body, the middle of the front leg.
    3. Modify the outer hair, first repair the shape, and the legs are chicken legs.
    4. Moisture from the root of the tail to the tail (about 1 inch).
    5. The back of the back (a little bit to the tail) (level) (level) (level) is modified into chicken legs, and the buttocks are apples.
    6. Repair from the waistline. Except for the bear from the top, you can't see the waist from the top. All the rest must be modified. The Bomei Dog participated in the competition only to modify the foot lines, and the remaining hair did not trim.
    7. The hair on the waist and abdomen is cut.
    8. Connect the head with the waist and comb the hair in the opposite direction.
    9. Mao Xiuping on the top of the head, slightly fixed on both sides.
    10. Comb on the hair in front of the chest and modify it to the end and cut it with teeth.
    11. Pour the ears, pinch the ears with your hands, and cut the tip of the ears into horizontally.
    12, tail, combed the row of the row with straight comb, cut the tip of the tail, and put it on the back into a fan.
    The beauty method of Pomeranian dogs above? Be careful when making beauty for Pomeranian!

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