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  1. The steps of the Teddy dog ​​beauty
    Teddy dogs can currently be very popular pet dog varieties. It loves the love dog with cheerful and lively personality, smart and smart. The following is the steps of the Teddy dogs I shared. Let's take a look.
    First, you need to prepare related beauty tools before beauty. For example, repair knives, towels, scissors, toenails shear, comb, etc.
    The second, first use a comb to sort the hair of the teddy bear. Clean the `dead hair and hair knot on the body, so that the fur is soft and neat and shiny. When sorting out, pay attention to observe whether there are hairs on the dog's body, whether there are parasites such as parasitic lice fleas.
    Third, when encountering a ball, it is difficult to sort out the hair, do not pull hard, avoid painful dogs. Parents can use scissors to cut off the hair on the ball properly, and then sort out normally.
    Fourth, if parents think it is necessary, they can also take a whole bath for Teddy Bear. Put on the shower gel, then gently rub the dog's entire body with both hands, completely remove the dirt and dust completely, then wash it with water, dry it with a towel, and finally use a hair dryer to dry the wet hair completely dry dry Essence
    Fifth, after cleaning, you need to formally cut the hair for the teddy bear. To dress it like a real teddy bear, parents should first design the beauty shape and then trim them according to the shape. Pour the hair on the corner of the mouth properly. Do not trim the hair of the body for too short, and it cannot be kicked.
    After all trimming, parents need to use a comb to sort out this hair with a serious body dog ​​to completely remove the trimmed short hair from the dog. In this way, the whole beauty process of Teddy Bear is also complete.

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