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  1. Once rabies occur, the mortality rate is 100%. Many authoritative materials will not directly say that the mortality is 100%, but that the mortality rate is nearly 100%, and it is nearly two words, which seems a bit loose, but in fact, there is no evidence that there is no exact evidence. Patients can survive.

    So once it is suspected of being bitten by a rabies, you must vaccinate the rabies vaccine in time. At the same time, use immunoglobulin to clean the wound as soon as possible. You can use soapy water to clean the wound. At present, the vaccine is taken on the first day after being bitten, and the first needle is taken on the first day, and 4 needles are taken in the following. This will be safe.

    But if the part of the bite is the head and face, the virus invading nerves will be fast, and the vaccine must be more actively injected and the immunoglobulin is used at the same time. Immunomal protein or serum can take effect immediately, and the vaccine requires about a week to produce antibodies, so at this time, immunoglobulin must be combined with vaccine to more effectively tissue viruses into nerves. Once the neuropathy is invaded, there is really no way to reverse. You can only watch the patients with symptoms such as fear of water, fears, and sore throat, and eventually sending respiratory failure cycle failure and death.

    So once it is suspected of being bitten by a rabies, the wound must be treated immediately, and then vaccinated immediately. Of course, if it is not bite by rabies, then rabies will definitely not have rabies. The problem is that sometimes we can't distinguish whether this dog is infected with a virus, and we can only injected the vaccine to make a great strategy. If the skin is not damaged, it does not require vaccine.

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