5 thoughts on “Where can I buy a pet dog? Which website is good? Is it cheap and good?”

  1. Pet dogs must be selected in person. In fact, pet dogs around them are much better and cheaper than the Internet. The online on the Internet, especially a certain treasure, are surprisingly expensive, and the quality is very poor, because only those who do not understand the dog will go. Buy it there, and the real dogs are all around. I can give you a reference suggestion. Labrador ranges from 1800-5000 for about 3 months, and does not bring a permit 600-1000. Golden hair is about 100-200 lower than Labrado, and Husky is about 300 higher than Labrado. Samoyed Golden Retriever is similar. Usually picking dogs. First, it is necessary to determine that it is breeding by themselves. Usually the personal reproduction is more cost -effective. The dog field pet shop is more expensive. The pet shop is expensive and poor. The dog farm is generally cost -effective. Regarding the problem of the quality of the dog, the small bone of the small canine First, the bite of the mouth must be tight and tight, the legs should be positive, not eight outside the eight. Dirty is not required. The brown ones are dark, and the gray, upper black and lower iron rust red, and are rare. Bomei: Beauty white is not allowed to bring yellow or transparent yellow. The British color is deep. Labrador black pays attention to white chest is a difference, white attention is obviously grassy yellow, yellow is too heavy, milky white, white in white, yellow back yellow, slightly yellow back yellow is normal, Labrador's ears are folded, and the ears of Labrador are folding ear. The half -folding ears are hybrid, curls are hybrids, and straight tails and sickle tails are normal. The black face of De Mu's face is a good product. The bigger the puppies black covered, the better. Pay attention to the black and yellow hairs of the back of the dog. It is commonly known as the back of the snowflake. It looks old and has no spirit. It is divided into grass yellow and iron rust red, and the rust is slightly better. The horses are black, the nose is tested, and the face test is a little white hair. Too many types are introduced here, and I do n’t understand.

  2. I bought a Corgi dog before, and the hair was very easy to take care of, and the size was not very large, and the breeding cost was not very high. It is more independent. Every day after the class takes it out, it is not a problem to look good now. If you want to buy it, you can search for the online to see that they will vaccinate the dog before sending them to the dog. Converted

  3. Buy pets online to recommend Yueyue Pet Future. After -sales service is guaranteed, and the service attitude is also very good. It is a regular pet e -commerce platform. I hope to help you

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