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  1. Ten Dawn's dogs:
    1. Akita dogs
    Akita dogs have a golden hair, which looks like a large gold bar, golden yellow symbolizes wealth. Moreover, Akita dogs have a charming smile, so Yangtian Dog can easily attract the care of God.
    2, big yellow dogs
    The big yellow dogs can help the owner hunt, so raising heavy yellow dogs has the meaning of wealth, and noble people help. But the big yellow dog cannot yell at the owner, which means that the life of the big yellow dog and the owner will bring bad time to the owner.
    3, Corgi
    The things that can be prosperous requires a round body shape, and the thin dogs are easy to pass by wealth. Corgi's round flesh and fat buttocks are very rich, so Corki can make money.
    4, bullfighting
    The bullfight itself is a very distinguished dog breed. The bullfighting personality is independent and usually does not affect the owner's work. Bullon is also one of the most likely breeding dogs. Bullfighting does not picky eaters, is not easy to get sick, and has a low cost of feeding. It can save money at the same time to the owner.
    5, golden retriever
    The golden retriever is a very popular dog breed. It is named after golden yellow hair and will sparkle in the sun and has the meaning of prosperity. The eyes of good -looking golden retriever are clear and translucent without exposing their eyes.
    6, shepherd dog
    The shepherd dog is tall, smart, and alert, knows his position in the family, well -behaved in front of the owner, is a very good family guard dog. Fortune.
    7, Chinese pastoral dog
    commonly known as firewood dogs, the largest family partner dog. The Chinese pastoral dogs are smart, the police, and the ability to resist disease are very loyal to the owner. They have the ability to protect the territory and protect the owner's property.
    8, Teddy
    , Teddy is a small dog, but is called a poodle. It has a very prosperous name and can add money to the owner. The Teddy Hound was born, belonging to the recovery of hunting dogs, with a high IQ, a lively personality, and a strong memory.
    9, Satsuma
    Satsuma is one of the most popular dogs. Satsuma dogs are understanding, lively, cheerful, vigilant, and clever. In the past, they were often used to pull sleds, which is very suitable for breeding as family dogs.
    10, Labrado
    The predecessor of Labrador is a hound, with stable personality and loyal to the Lord. A simple character makes the Labrador dog an excellent companion. Many girls call Labrado auspicious things, the meaning of prosperity.

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