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  1. Pmeng (details introduction)

    This dogs like to find other dogs to fight when they go out. The owner is useless to persuade, and can only grab the traction rope tightly. In fact, it is easy to cause the dog and the owner to be injured when the dog provokes other dogs. How can we train the dog to go out and not fight?
    It between you and other dogs, many dogs will protect its owner through attack. The dog stands between you and other dogs, dragging the traction rope, which will strengthen its attack emotion. The dog may eventually lin the tightness of the traction rope and the attack, but if the disconnection rope is disconnected, there may not be a attack.
    The tight rope syndrome, although you may instinctively shorten its traction rope when your dog has an attack, but this will generally exacerbate this behavior. Forcibly pulling it back will increase its desire to attack. You should turn its head away so that it cannot communicate with other dogs.
    Different attention. When you encounter a possible attack, you should use a dog's favorite toy to attract its attention, and then order it to "sit down". When your dog performs well, you should reward it.
    Strequent life scene, when your dog is trained in a quiet place, when you are training outdoors, you should be present for other dogs but keep a certain distance. If your dog does not attack, you should reward. Shorten the distance between the two dogs every day and reward its calm.

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