5 thoughts on “Where can I buy pet dogs in Beijing?”

  1. You can buy dogs, pet shops, flowers and birds and fish markets, and private families buy dogs, but Xiaobian suggested that you go to a regular place to choose a dog. Generally, the price of a large pet store may be slightly more expensive, but the quality of pets is a bit more expensive, but the quality of pets can There is a guarantee, and the after -sales service is relatively good.

  2. Go to the pet shop, give pet beauty, sell pet supplies. There are generally consignment inside. If not, the boss is entrusted to ask. Finally, go to a special dog farm, usually around the city. Dogs bought through these three channels are basically guaranteed. Before buying, talk to the owner or boss, and find them within a month.

  3. Under normal circumstances, buying dogs in a professional dog house will help you make the dog's three -shot vaccine, and you don't need to do it yourself. The dogs were immunized in the dog house, and his physical fitness and immunity have been strengthened to a certain extent. Then there will not be health problems when you go to the new home. If you are injected by your own vaccine, you can inject the Pfizer vaccine with a total of three stitches and injection of one needle every 21 days interval to prevent canine plague and small major infectious diseases. Dogs can inject rabies vaccines according to the dog breeding of dogs at the local police station for six months. The injection vaccine is not very expensive. Generally, if you are injected in a pet hospital or a pet shop, about 50 to 80 yuan per pin.

  4. For pet shops that have been well -known and have been doing for a long time, they generally have to cultivate breeding pet dogs. You go to ask them if there is any, maybe the dog's appearance is not as good as a dog house, but it is better than that of the market in the market. Because people in pet shops are more professional, they know how to take care of her bitch to provide her with sufficient nutrition and care before breeding. It is also a good choice.

  5. Generally, there will be a group of friends in the dog group and dogs are born. Just go to them and ask. It is best to find a long time to stay in the group, and then everyone knows his shoveling officer. There are a lot of dogs and basically you can buy it, but you can buy a weekly dog ​​and problem dog. If you know more about the dog, it is also a good option.

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