Where can Nanchong sell dogs? A lot of money

Where is the dog sold in Nanchong. The kind of good -looking. Probably a lot of money. I can't afford it.

4 thoughts on “Where can Nanchong sell dogs? A lot of money”

  1. Hello, I am glad to answer your questions.
    It seems to like small animals.
    The places where dogs are sold in Nanchong, and they are sold in railway stations, bus stations, and pet monopoly markets. And in the pet specialty market, there are many varieties. You can choose your favorite puppy according to your preferences.

  2. It ’s the Cultural Palace, or many pet hospitals are selling dogs. You can go to see it. The cheap dog is the sale of the soil dog five -star garden.

  3. Now it is mainly the cultural palace, most of which are concentrated on Saturday and Sunday. The cheap dogs are selling stalls in the five -star garden

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