5 thoughts on “Are there any pet dogs that can be affordable for high school students? Intersection”

  1. Then there is no dog that can be put in the schoolbag after adulthood. The only small body teddy and the tea cup teddy are. The price of pet shops is at least 5000 , and these two types of dogs are not easy to feed. Be careful, you will get this disease and disease, as well as a small dog, ordinary people will call it as soon as they leave, and those who want to be unpopular can only be raised slightly. If you want to feed people, all dogs can be eaten. However, hair will become more ugly, and it may be severely lost.

  2. There is no dog that can satisfy your request. Chihuahua is the smallest but loves bad temper. And no matter either dogs are not suitable for food. Before you end your school life, you can't raise dogs, because you can't give the dog a good living environment. If you love your dog, just wait for yourself to make money.

  3. The petite and easy to take care of the Chihua Doll will be counted as the Chihua Doll. The blood is not very good or impure.
    has no friends to interact with classmates, and may also be friends because this dog has a classmate with you, and it is not ruled out that someone in your classmates does not like dogs and reports to the teacher. Dogs?), All kinds of possibilities before raising dogs must be considered.

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