4 thoughts on “I want to learn breeding technology. Where can I learn?”

  1. Answer 1. Dow-high schools: Each province has agricultural colleges, which can be taken as formal students to learn. Generally, it can be learned for 3-4 years.n2. Graduate and middle schools: There are grades in all major and middle schools across the country. You can study each year for a period of time, and you can learn the rest of the time.n3. Each county agricultural and Guangzhou school: This kind of school is more common and suitable for farmers, and also cultivates a large number of farmers into professional talents.n4. You can also collect more experience in local experienced peoplenI hope my answer can help you.n3 morenBleak

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the breeding technology can be learned through the following channels: 1. Agricultural colleges, and admitted to formal students to learn. Generally in four or three years, you can learn to achieve success and obtain corresponding certificates; 2. During the grades of large and middle schools, there are classes in major and middle -aged colleges and universities across the country. They are all self -study; 3. The county agricultural and Guangzhou schools, which are more common and biased towards applications, and also cultivated a large number of professional talents for farmers. Now they are getting bigger and bigger; Basic knowledge, there is a special self -learning textbook; 5. The farm to work, which is also a good way. Earning money, learning while learning, you can learn a lot of knowledge. (I am satisfied, remember to give me a praise ~ Thank you )

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