1 thought on “What are the preparations for dog breeding?”

  1. What must be prepared for dogs:
    1, dogs must prepare Qi dog bowl, dog nest, dog cage, traction rope, dog toy, urine pads, dog food and other commonly used daily necessities before arriving home Essence

    2. Dogs need to conduct infectious disease examinations in pet hospitals before arriving home to ensure that dogs enter family life under health.

    3, let the dog familiar with the taste in advance, you can put it in the pet shop with the owner's clothes, so that the dog is more difficult to be nervous when returning home.

    4. The owner needs to purchase a pet disinfection to clean and disinfect the home environment. Because the dog has just arrived at a new home, the owner needs to accompany the dog more, and then take the dog to the pet hospital for deworming or vaccination after adapting to the new environment.
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