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  1. After the player reaches level 10, complete the hunter's professional task, learn skills [feed pet], click [feed pet], and then click the food in the bag to complete the feeding.
    Player can feed according to pet preference. Pets are divided into meat and vegetarian. Players can use [beast knowledge] skills to judge what animals like to eat.
    In the current 6.0 version, there is no need to feed pets. As long as you summon it, your pet will always follow.
    Extension information:
    This loyalty is divided into 6 levels:
    1, resistance.
    2, unruly is difficult to control.
    3, obedient.
    4, reliable.
    5, faithful is trustworthy.
    6, loyal.
    The happiness of hunter pets and pet damage are directly linked, and the degree of happiness will not display the specific value, but it will be displayed on the right side of the pet avatar, which will cause 125 % damage to the happy green face pets, which will increase loyalty; Satisfied yellow -faced pets caused 100 % damage and increased loyalty; unhappy red -faced pets caused 750 % damage, and loyalty decreased.

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