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  1. 1. Chihuahua, native to the Americas. The Chihuahua is the smallest of small breeds. It is elegant, vigilant, and fast. It is widely loved by people with a well -proportioned body and petite body. Height is generally 15-23 cm and weighs 1-3kg.
    2, Yorkshine Stalk Dog, produced in Yorkshire, northeast of the United Kingdom. The Yorkshine stalks are petite and are smooth as hairy. They like girls with hair, pouring down from the head and neck, and dazzling. Generally, 18-23cm, weighs 1-3kg
    3, Haba dogs are Chinese breeds. They are only 10 to 13 inches tall. They are friendly and a little naughty. Haba dogs are not particularly active, but they do need to exercise frequently.
    4, Bomei is a kind of compact, short -back, and active play dog. It is a type of German fox dog. It has a vigilant personality, smart expression, brisk behavior and curiosity. Small and cute, generally 22-28cm height, weighing below 3.5kg.
    5, mini-sausage dogs originated in the 20th century, 15-20cm tall, and weighing 3-5kg. There are three types in total, short hair, long hair and rigid hair.
    6, the Malzis dog, also known as the Mala dog, is 20-22 cm tall, weighs 2-3 kg

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