5 thoughts on “How did my dog ​​grow beans?”

  1. If it is a parasite, you don't need to look at it ~~ That's a blood -sucking worm that is not clean on the dog ~ From the beginning, it is a little bit, the larger the heps, the larger the more, the bigger the heels, and the death of it. OK! That's how I get my golden retriever. It may be bloody to take away the worm away from the dog, it's okay! Intersection Because when you catch the worm, the skin makes you drag off a little ~ It does not affect the dog! Intersection Believe me, if it is not a parasitic, it is the skin disease that takes it to see a doctor, right?

  2. That's a skin disease. Go to the pet hospital to take a bath, then buy medicine, put the medicine in his meal without taking medicine, and stick to it for a while.

  3. It is a parasitic, and at the same time parasitic people, they can swell to several times larger after blood -sucking, so you will feel that it is bean beans. In fact, it also has a name, called (dog beans).

  4. Wow, what kind of bean is it? As mentioned upstairs, it may be a parasite, called 蜱, and it will become a round bean after blood -sucking the dogs. It will be dragged hard to come down, and the dog will not feel it. If you can cause dog anemia, malnutrition may still get skin disease

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