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  1. Self -driving around Beijing can bring dogs to play to recommend
    When traveling, the baby must bring, pets must be brought! Below, I have compiled some places where the Beijing suburbs can be taken to travel for reference!
    1 The Great Wall of Xiangshui Lake
    The Great Wall District of Xiangshui Lake is located in the western part of Huaorou Mutian, 28 kilometers from Huairou County, and the scenic area is 18 square kilometers. It is a natural landscape that integrates the green mountains, blue water, Great Wall, ancient cave, mountains, spring, ponds, waterfalls, cliff stone carvings, healthy canyons, and sources of sound water. The scenic area is located in the valley of the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty. Yangchun, mountain flowers are rotten, and flowers are overflowing with flowers; summer, tree -lined, full of eyes; golden autumn, fruitful results, red leaves are full of mountains; lofty. You can also bring a dog into the scenic area. If you don't want to spend tickets, you can park in the village, then walk into the mountains and climb the Great Wall. The characteristic is that the Great Wall is steep, but you can take the mountain road. A good place to climb the mountain.
    Address: 300 meters on the right side of Xiangshuihu Tourist Scenic Area
    Tickets: 32 yuan
    Open time: 07: 00-17: 00
    Self -driving:
    The exit of Jingcheng High Speed ​​-14th Exit into Huai Rou — Mutianyu Ring Island — 8 kilometers west.
    The bus:
    Tongzhimen takes 916 — Huairou North Street off -opposite the road to the bus to the vocalist or Dongtai -Xiangshui Lake get off. (You can swipe card)
    Tongzhimen takes 936 or 936 -Huairou get off at home — transfer to the shuttle bus or cave -Xiangshui Lake get off. (Card can be swiped)
    Thenon farmhouse:
    Renhe folk centers, his owner also likes dogs ~~
    Featured services: free parking lots, stations and delivery, pets, children, children, children, children Free (not occupying beds), conference rooms, self -service kitchen, neighboring attractions
    2. Huanghuacheng Water Great Wall
    Huanghua City Water Great Wall is located in Jiudu Town, Huairou District, Beijing, 65 kilometers from Beijing City , 35 kilometers northwest of Huairou District. It is known for its strangeness, characteristics of shows, and integrated tourism and leisure destinations that integrate mountains, blue water, and ancient Great Wall. There are flowers here in three seasons, scenes in the four seasons, beautiful mountains and rivers, and birds with flowers. She surrounded the mountains around, and the forests were lush, forming a gorgeous plant landscape within the year. Jiupun landscapes are one -point, and the green mountains are in love. At this point, you can enjoy the beautiful lakes and mountains, but also the Qingling Junxiu of the Great Wall, as well as the green trees and red flowers. Make people away from the noise of the city and return to nature. And the "Three Scenery" here is even more fascinating and amazing. You can bring dogs into the scenic area ~ there are shallow water and beaches in the scenic area. Working Day (Monday-Friday) 8: 00-17: 00, holidays (Saturday, Sunday, Golden Week) 7: 30-17: 30
    Line prompts:
    Self-driving: Jingchang Expressway West Guan Exit — Changling Changling -Shaling -Hei Cottage -Jiudu River -Huanghua Town -Huanghuacheng Water Great Wall -Xishuiyu Village. The exit of Jingcheng High -speed wide ditch, the third red and green light turned left, along the Jiudu River Great Wall Road signs to Xishuiyu Folk Village.
    It bus: Dongzhimen takes bus 916 to get off at Huairou Bus Station or get off at the Huairou Taxation Bureau, transfer to the buses of the Great Wall of Huanghua City, and the bus arrives directly. If you don't know if you are not clear, you can ask the ticket salesperson.
    The recommended farmhouse: Shancheng Villa
    The farmhouse is next to the Water Great Wall Scenic Area of ​​Huanghua City, just walk for one minute ~
    The special service: can bring pets, provide chess and cards (free), free), free), free), free), free), free), free), free), free), free), free), free), free), free), free), free (free). Cara OK (free) picking (harvest season), fireworks and firecrackers and other entertainment items. It can provide outdoor projects such as live CS and expansion. In addition, the scenic spots include steamboats, yachts, rowing, horse riding, fishing, climbing the Great Wall, and swimming in the open -air pool (summer).
    3. The eighteen ponds of the west of Beijing
    The eighteen lakes of Beijing West are one of the rare natural scenic spots in northern my country. The water of the valley streams flows, and the four seasons continue. The ancients said: "Wanlie Yanshan Wanliequan, flying thousands of miles hanging Changchuan", Eighteen Lake is located in Anjiazhuang, Wangping area of ​​Mentougou, and is known for its valley depth, Shiqi, Shui special, and flowers. It is back to the tip of the water, facing the Yongding River, and the mountains and rings around. The water of the valley stream flows, the four seasons continue, the mountains are stacked, the peaks return to the water, and the cliffs become a waterfall.
    Tickets: 35 yuan
    Open hours: 08: 00-18: 00 (Open from April to November each year)
    Address: Located in Anjiazhuang, Wangping District, Mentougou District
    Route prompt:
    It bus: Metro Apple Garden Station Doring Station, to 200 meters right, Metro Apple Garden West by 892 and get off at [Shiba Tan Station].
    Self -driving: Lianshi Road or Fu Shi Road along National Highway 109, to 52 kilometers, to the eighteenth lakes of Beijing.
    The biggest features of the scenic area: basically nothing to eat! You need to bring your own with your own pets, allow barbecue ~
    Recommended farmhouses: table accommodation, come back that day!
    4 silver The mountain tower
    is located at the junction of Changping and Huairou. The road is better. Although there is a mountain road, it is also relatively spacious and flat. There are no places near the park, but on the way to the park, it is all farmhouses. As for the food of the farmhouse, I don't know much. Tickets are 25/person, you can rest assured that big dogs enter the door. The main thing is to climb the mountain. The mountains are not high. They are all stone steps. They are clear mountain spring along the steps, so do not need to bring the dogs with water. Under the mountain, there are three towers, which are relatively wide and you can put dogs. In this place, I think it is still the kind of scenery.
    Tickets: 25.00 yuan
    Open hours: 08: 00-17: 00
    Address: Xixi Village, Xingshou Town, Changping District, Beijing
    Line reminder:
    , 1, You can drive north from Lishui Bridge to Xiaotangshan to north, or go north along the highway from East Xingshou Village, Qincheng, Changping, and you can reach Xiazhuang and Humen Village.
    2. If you want to appreciate the scenery of the mountains, there is a slightly far but beautiful route to choose from, that is, from the Madian Bridge on the Jingchang high -speed speed, travel to the west of Changping, you pass the 200 meters of Li Zicheng sculpture around the island. , Continue about 800 meters forward, turn right to the intersection in the direction of the Thirteen Tomb. Turn to the right of Changling along the way (forward is the Changling parking lot, to the right is the direction of Yinshan Tallinn, and there are road signs). After entering the mountain, you will see the mountains, and the canyon will open slowly in front of you, just like the Chinese painting of ink and painting.
    It Jingchang Expressway on the Madian Bridge on the Third Ring Road, the kilometer will be returned to zero, and a pass card is received at the Qinghe toll station.
    ● After 30.8 kilometers, you reach Changping exports and pay 15 yuan out of the highway. Not far away is Changping West Guanhuan Island. From the right of the island, there are Changping County. There are many restaurants on both sides. Entrance.
    ● After the Changping West Guanhuan Island, walk straight into National Highway 110.
    ● 61.4 kilometers There is a T -shaped intersection (later referred to as "intersection A"), and turn left to Huanghua City (right to Yinshan Tagarin).
    3. Go to Yinshan Tallinn and walk from the city to stand up from the city. You can also take the Beijing -Chang highway, go to the exit of Xiaotangshan to the east to the island of Xiaotangshan Town.
    of course, for friends who have no cars for the time being, they can also go, take 314, 357, 376, 345, 345, 912, 919 to Changping and get off the bus, and then rent.
    5. Dongxiaokou Forest Park
    This here is a wide forest, purely a suitable place for dog walking. There is no artificial scenery in it, just walking the dog. There is a very clean toilet, which is convenient to use water. You do n’t have to bring water to the dog there.
    Line prompts:
    Thenan South Forest Park, Dongxiakou Hakura, Dongping District, exported from the small camp of the eight high camps between Tiantongyuan and Huilongguan. There is a village and towns with no street signs. It is not easy to find. Walking east, after seeing the first city of the first city, I saw Carrefour and Bai'an Judu on the right tomorrow, and turned to Middle East Road. When I saw the broken sign of Luonan "Pharaoh Cement Products Factory", he turned south to the gate of the park. There are no obvious signs at the gate of the park, and do not need tickets. Drive directly into the park.
    6 "Beijing Back Garden" scenic area
    Line reminder:
    driving: about 30 minutes (high speed, non -high speed can reach)
    1. De Shengmen -Jingchangchang Highway (Badaling High Speed) -Houbei Exit -Xinzhuang Bridge to West (Turn on the left) to Beiqing Road, along the North Qing Road to the west -go down to the bottom of the mountain to the north (right) at the same time (right) at the same time You will see Beijing secrets, about 2 kilometers, the second intersection of the north side of the Humanities University [You can see the big flag of the Beijing back garden scenic area, the signboard -just reached 1500 meters west (to the left) at this intersection.
    2. De Shengmen -Jingchang Expressway (Badaling Expressway) —— Shahe (Yangfang Exit) -This to the west (turn left) to the west to Yangfang - There are signs (2 street signs, about 16 meters large) to go to the left (to south) for 1000 meters. Scenic area.
    3. From the Summer Palace -Nongda Zhi Zhi Zhi to the northwest Wangzuo Beiqing Road, always west, see Yangfang Road target north (right), go straight to Yangfang, do not cross the railway bridge over the water canal There are signs (2 signs, about 16 meters large) to walk (to south) to walk 1000 meters. After the troops see the big flag road signs of Beijing back garden scenic area, turn right (west) along the road Enter the scenic area.
    4. From the West Road, Yuanmingyuan -Beiqing Road -along the north Qing Road to the west -soon to the bottom of the mountain to the north (right) to the north (right) of Wenbei Road (right) 2 kilometers, after passing the second intersection of the north side of the Humanities University Road, you can see the big flag of the Beijing back garden scenic area, the signboard -just reached 1500 meters west (left) at this intersection.
    5. Zhongguancun has been north -continue to the north -Shangbei Road to West -Wenbei Road -Crossing Haidian Driving School -Passing the second intersection of the Humanities University Hanging the road signs) -The 1500 meters towards the west (left) at this intersection reached
    6. West Five Rings have been north -Hongshan Bridge Exit to the north -Shangheishan Road -Crossing National Defense University north -Passing Baiwang Home -Northwest Wang Road -Beiqing Road -Wenbei Road -the second intersection of the north side of the Humanities University to the west (the road signs hanging at the intersection) -just at this intersection to the west (Turn left) 1500 meters to
    The near Haidian District, near Yangfang. From Beiqing Road to the west, then turn north into Wenbei Road, and keep walking, about seven or eight kilometers (after the Humanities University), I saw the road marking. Seeing the road signs, I kept walking left, going up the mountain, the road was a bit narrow.
    In the labels to the west, and the crushing roads in the village are all broken. One kilometers look at the door. Tickets 20/person 1 yuan insurance. The scenic area is still under construction. It is not very good for those who want to climb the mountain, but some scenic spots at the foot of the mountain have begun to take shape and feel very chic. At present, the water there is not very clean, it is a stone powder rushing down, and cannot swim. Barbecue is allowed here.
    The restaurant in the garden, 25/person tofu feast (I don't know if it is delicious). You need to bring water to the dog.
    7 Shijingshan District South Horsefield Reservoir
    Road Tips:
    169 Hechen Road, Shijingshan District.
    In the Fu Shi Road to turn left to the West Railway Road, you will see this brand and turn right away from Shimen Road. After passing the Shougang Da Liangshui Tower, the first traffic light turn right. When you see the brand of the diced intersection, turn right and walk on the Hei Chen Road. You can see the toll station on the left to see the Dingzhong intersection of the brand of Hei Chen Road on the mountain road.
    is located on the edge of the Xiangshan Reservoir, not a regular park. The road is not very easy to find. I can only find the Wuli Po Police Station first, and then ask the main road.
    The spontaneous toll station on the side of the reservoir, charged according to the car, 5 pieces of a car, few parking spaces.
    The water at the foot of the mountain, but in principle, do not let the dog go swimming. The scenery of the mountain is also relatively single, not difficult to climb, many bicycle enthusiasts practice off -road here. There is no water on the mountain, you need to give the dog back on the mountain. It feels like this is an unprepared attraction. All service facilities are not very complete, but there are a lot of people going.
    8 Chaobai River
    The Chaobai River has been dry, especially in the Shunyi section. The dry riverbed is about 300 meters wide, and dogs can run wildly. Essence
    The river bed to the road, there are about 200 meters of farmland, so don't worry about the dogs running on the road. Essence Essence
    Recommended driving route:
    The high-speed: Jingtong Express-Jingha Expressway, Songzhuang exit, go to the right embankment
    Aid road: airport high-speed auxiliary road-Litian Road-Shuntong Road-right embankment Road
    Disadvantages, there is nothing scenery, there is nothing to eat, there is nothing to drink. nThe Beijing-Chengcheng High Speed-Huairou Open Ring Island-Fulahuan Island-Yanqi Ring Island-Shentangyu intersection-in the Shentangyu Scenic Area (Wudaohe Village, Huairou District).
    10 Shangzhuang Reservoir
    Recommended driving routes:
    In from the city, take the Badaling Expressway-Huilongguan Exit-Bei'an River Bridge to the left to Beiqing Road-turn right from Cuihu Water Township to the Bridge , Continue to turn right to the lake at the intersection of Daoxiang Lake.
    Sugs in the suburbs of Beijing, you can bring dogs to sprinkle ~
    11 Huaorou Xuanquan Xianggu Natural Scenic Area
    is located at the foot of the Great Wall in the northwestern part of Huairou District, in front of Hebu Mountain, 80 kilometers from Beijing. The scenic area is shot in the valley, the mountains are used for the mountains, the water is interesting, the people are in love, the scenery is beautiful, and the scenery is unique.
    The scenic area is shot in the valley, builds the potential in the mountains, interested in water, and loves people. The water flowing in the valley, the waterfall fell from the sky, the spring water was gurgling in the four seasons, and the echo was endless.
    It Spring Xianggu is a natural scenic area that integrates green mountains and green water, dangerous peak canyons, Lingquan waterfalls, dense forests, and strange mountains.
    Tickets: 20 yuan
    Recommended routes: Jingshun Road under Sanyuan Bridge to Huairou to drive according to the road signs
    This reminder: After playing Earlier, after playing with Quanquan Xianggu, go down the mountain to go down the mountain to go down the mountain Xianweng Resort, eat continue to play
    12 Changping Manshan Forest Park
    Recommended routes:
    out of the 16 exit (West Guanhuan Island) on the Badaling Expressway, walk east of the ring island, and then turn again. To the reservoir road, just follow the street signs. This location is better and close.
    Now the forest park is still allowed to enter, the car can be drove at the foot of the mountain.
    Tickets: 20 yuan/person, regardless of the off -peak season. But the Tianchi Scenic Area on the top of the mountain has been sealed, and it cannot be approached. The small ticket there is 10 yuan.
    The entire park is basically climbing mountain climbing, stone steps, and when it first crawled, it was tiring. Because Tianchi didn't go in, we crawled to the top of the mountain and came down.
    has a big Buddha scenic area under the mountain, which is very spacious and can run a dog. Don't make a small ticket here.
    has no water on the mountain mountain, and you need to bring some water to the dog.
    13 Tianmen Mountain Forest Park
    The is near Tanyu Temple. Take the National Highway 108, enter the color archway of Tanzhang Temple, and then look at the left road 500 meters forward. There is a fork road to the left.
    This to travel to Beijing with pets to bring a big collection of dogs!
    This Recommendation:
    The start to start the steps of the stone steps, to climb the mountain. Later, I was soil. Up to the ridge, there is a sky eye, which is a attraction. Then there is a "stone Great Wall", about 50 meters, a little bit dangerous, but I think there is nothing. People and dogs can spend safely.
    [7 attention to travel with dogs]
    The self -driving tour is the most mainstream travel method of pet travel. Fresh air, driving steadily at the same time to avoid pet motion sickness. It is best not to feed within 3 hours before walking. You can buy a dedicated pet motion sickness medicine in pet hospitals.
    2. It is best to put pet travel equipment such as Yicongbao, dog food bags, traction rope, and mouth cover in the trunk.
    3. Do not close your pets in the car.
    4. Daily driving should not exceed 8 hours. Long -term driving is not only exhausted by the owner, but also the same is true of pets. For pets for the first time, it is best to have a process of adapting to the carriage environment before the trip, allowing them to adapt to starting, acceleration, braking, cornering and bumping sections.
    5. It is best to do a physical examination for pets before travel. During pregnancy, 2 months of first birth or pets with weak constitution should not travel.
    6. It is best not to put your pets on the co -driver's position. You can't hold your pets in your arms when you drive. The sudden motion of pets may cause the vehicle to get out of control and cause serious consequences.
    7. It is best to use car pads and pet seat belts.

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