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    Now many shoveling officers should also dress up the pets around them while paying attention to themselves. So what do you need to pay attention to when you dress your own pets? Let's share some techniques for your reference.

    combed hair
    This is the first step of pet beauty. Most dogs like to comb their hair. Regularly combing dogs will enhance the connection between the owner and the dog. The benefit of combing bristles with a needle is that it is not easy to comb the hair. You can brush off the dead hair and knots on the puppy, making the fur look soft and neat and shiny. Starting from the feet, from top to bottom, from head to end, and be sure to pay attention to combed, and then comb the hair, because this can solve most of the knots.
    If bath
    In the preparation work before, you can take a bath for the dog. For the cycle of bathing the dog, it is determined according to the type of dogs and the length of hair. When bathing the dog, be sure to choose a shower gel that suits your dog hair. Do not mess with people's shower gel. If it is troublesome, you can also take a dog to the pet shop to take a bath and beauty, worry -free and worry -free is a bit of money.
    This nails
    The excessive long nails of dogs will affect walking, and some will cause some problems such as bone deformation and unsightly posture. So for puppy's nails, we must trim regularly. Cutting the nails looks very simple, in fact, there is a lot of articles inside. Do not cut too deep when trimming, just cut it along the blood vessels to avoid bleeding. If the dog is cut once and bleeds, it will be disgusted with nails.
    The dogs are like humans, and there will be problems with bad breath and teeth. It is necessary to help dog brushing teeth regularly from the puppies. Dogs are usually made into meat flavor. Dogs prefer to eat, and general dogs will not resist. There are also some dogs that are more resistant to brushing. You can use dental cleaning rods, cleaning gel, cleaning powder, spray, mouthwash and other replacement products.
    Clean ears and eyes
    Why do the dogs still have a smell when they help the dog take a bath regularly? Maybe from its ears! If the owner does not dry the dog's ears after taking a bath, causing water to accumulate water inside, the dog's eyes and ears are most likely to infect ear diseases. Therefore, the dog's eyes and ears should be cleaned regularly to prevent the occurrence of diseases. As for the care of the eyes, it is relatively simple. There is basically no need to deal with the problem of tear marks.
    The hope that everyone can take care of their dogs with the heart. After all, it only recognizes your owner in his life, and it is also our responsibility to take care of the daily life of a dog.

  2. If you are a small dog, you can consider taking a regular bath at home and then trim your hair by yourself. If it is a large dog, you can choose to go to the pet shop for bathing.

  3. Daily care of dogs should be warm and deworming, and there are many worms on the dogs. You must kill the bugs and kill the dog every week. Keep warm when there is a dog's own quilt.

  4. The daily care of dogs is: combing dogs, trimming nails, bathing, cleaning the ears, brushing, and cleaning the dog's eyes.

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