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  1. Dingfuzhuang.
    The most convenient way to go is: you go to Shuangqiao or Broadcasting Academy to do the eight -pass line, and the Liyuan get off at
    and then there are three rounds at the door.

    The bus station at the east of the Beiyuan intersection of Tongzhou follow bus 372. After you arrive at the Tongzhou Antique Town Terminal, you will open a stop to the dog market. Tongzhou Liyuan Dog City
    routes are: Making the Tiebutuyun Line ~ Get off at Liyuan ~~ Do three rounds ~ 5 ~ 7 yuan ~~ or take 372 to the terminal. Walking 600 meters ~ `` The original dog market has moved to 600 meters south ~~ You can also do 928 and then transfer 372 ~~ but only one dollar in 372 and half an hour ~~ It is 1 yuan for it ~~
    Dog City is 1 to weekly on Sunday ~~ Just 6 weeks of dogs on Sundays ~~ If you really want to buy dogs ~~ Go to the dog house in a nearby dog ​​village to buy ~ The dog owner led to the hospital to check whether the dog is sick ~~ 10 dogs in the dog market are all sick ~~ ``

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