4 thoughts on “How to stop the random shit?”

  1. 1. The dog's diet must be regular. Drinking water can be freely. It is definitely not possible to pull out when you just pull the home without being vaccinated, but you should pay attention to the actions of the dog. It is a squat action. When the dog has this action, you must hold it downstairs or the dog toilet to solve it in time to minimize the urine in the dog toilet.

    2. After holding the dog to the dog toilet, try to praise it as much as possible, touch it, the food seduces it, and tell the dog to come to the toilet next time. I don't know what to go to the toilet. It only knows that its behavior has been rewarded. Say several times a day to form conditional reflexes. The dog will go to the toilet at the designated place obediently. Of course, the reward cannot stop.
    3. For dog toilets, it can be a finished toilet bought on Taobao, or a newspaper at home. The Taobao dog toilet is not recommended in the early stage of training. The area is too small. The larger part of the newspaper area can be the one side or a large horn in the living room. Every time I hold a dog, I have to tell it, "I go to the toilet, so good, great!" The dog can look at the face very much. Then this urine newspaper can be left. The babies should be cleaned in time, because the dogs do not like to continue excretion in the position of their own poop. Remember that the area of ​​the newspaper cannot be changed.
    4. After the dog has a self -defecation area to the newspaper area, slowly reduce the scope of newspaper shops, remember the key points, praise and snack rewards.
    5. To treat the correct excretion of the dog, it should be as warm as the spring breeze, but if the dog pulls the urine in chaos, it should be as harsh as the cold wind! We must scold it severely, hold it to the place where the urine is chaotic, and tell it that you must not do this next time. My dog ​​will make mistakes when he is a child. Do not hit your head! Then bring it to the area of ​​the newspaper and repeatedly emphasize to go to the toilet here. Pay attention to the word to go to the toilet and form conditional reflection.
    6. According to the above steps, it will be effective for three weeks. When the dog is vaccinated for three or four months, it will solve the excretion problem every day.

  2. When you find that dogs are randomly shit, you need to strictly scold it, and pat your ass gently so that the dog knows that he cannot shit in the future. When the dog needs to shit When shit in the toilet, it should be affirmed, so that the dog knows that he should shit in the toilet.

  3. When the dog is young, put a fixed pot in the room, and guide the dog to pee in the designated place every day. You can let the dogs smell the pots and let the dog remember this place. Food and other rewards. When you go out and walk the dog, bring something like paper towels. If the dog pulls shit at the bottom of the tree, remember to clean up and be a civilized citizen.

  4. If the dog is shit, you must exercise him, and cultivate him to develop a good habit. Don't be in the house, as long as you refer to the dogs and shit, you must exercise him, cultivate him to develop a good habit, don't be in the house, just take him azine, take him to the outside, try to get as much as possible, try to go as much as possible Change outside

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